Monday, January 2, 2012


   In your personal household, who balances the budget?  A budget is really difficult to get your hands around.  You take your income, and try to stretch it to cover your bills, groceries, gasoline, etc.  If your income does not cover your expenditures, you get a second job, have your spouse go to work, cut your debt, etc.  The fact is that if you are not bringing in as much as you are paying out, you will end up on the streets.
   Let's talk about the national debt:  public debt has INCREASED every year from 2003 through 2007 by 500 billion dollars a year.  In 2008, after our current President was elected, the public debt doubled to an increase of  1 trillion dollars; in 2009, it almost doubled again, JUST IN ONE YEAR, to 1.9 trillion.  In 2011, it increased ANOTHER 1.7 TRILLION!  The Democrats in the White House have brought our country to ruin by their out of control spending.  They are spending more money than we are giving them.  This madness has to stop!  You can also read my post from July 28th referencing baseline budgeting.
   The Republicans have tried to slow down their out of control spending, only to have the National Media paint them as "not willing to negotiate".  There is no negotiation!  We HAVE TO STOP GIVING MONEY AWAY!  Do we need to go into detail, once again, about how our President has thrown our money away:
1.   half a billion dollars to Solyndra, that went bankrupt
2.   2 billion to Brazil to drill for oil and sell it to China, who is under
      contract to buy it, we are not.
3.   1 billion in debt forgiveness to Egypt.
4.   24 million to Amyris Biotechnologies.  that was a grant.  does not
      require re-payment. 
5.   the list goes on and on.
   We need to elect conservative Republicans to the Senate and House who will support a conservative President.  WE MUST GET OUR HOUSE IN ORDER!   What are your thoughts?


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