Friday, August 30, 2013


op/ed by Kit 
   Here is one problem with President Obama wanting to strike Syria:  no one believes the media when they say Syria is using chemical weapons.  When George W. Bush was President, the media nit-picked all the time on him. These days, no one believes the media when they report ANYTHING..  The George Zimmerman trial is just one example.  The media is like an ex-husband.  The only time he lies is when he opens his mouth.
   Then there is former White House Aide, Reggie Love, who said President Obama was not in the situation room during the attack on Osama bin Laden.


Reggie claims the President was playing "spades" in another part of the White House.   But we saw the so called still photos of him while the attack was in progress, remember?  Again, who believes the media?  It appears YouTube has pulled the actual video of Reggie admitting what the President was doing during the raid.  I found it and watched it, but was unable to copy it here.  All of the media is covering for this guy!

Former Obama aide Reggie Love (right) said that the President couldn’t ‘watch this entire’ thing play out, opting instead to play spades with staffers while the raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound took place.

   Did you see the coverage of the fiftieth anniversary of  Dr.
Martin Luther King, Jr.'s "I have a dream" speech?  The only people being "honored" were Democrats.  By the way, historically, Democrats were against the civil rights movement.  It was the Republicans who fought for it.
   Getting back to President Obama's desire to attack Syria, if there were no WMD's in Iraq, the Syrian government is not attacking their own citizens with chemical weapons and we should leave them to their own civil war.  We should just monitor it to be sure it does not disrupt the rest of the area.
   I just wonder who is actually in charge in Washington.  Our President was MIA during the attack on Benghazi.  I want to know WHERE the 400 surface to air missiles are that we had in Benghazi.  I want to know WHY we had them there.  I want to know WHY our troops were told to "stand down" instead of going to Ambassador Stephen's aid.  I want to know WHY we were not protecting the Consulate there with our troops in the first place. 
   And now, President Obama wants to attack Syria because he let his alligator mouth overload his hummingbird ass?!?  No way.  This guy needs to take another hit of his drugs and leave running the country to someone who is not cognitively impaired!  By the way, John Kerry may as well return to his yacht, too, as he did when Egypt was burning.
   I posted in June of last year that this President is funding a war against Israel.  It looks to me like he wants a full-blown world war III. 

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UPDATE 9/3/13

   Glen Beck wants you to understand what we are doing in Syria:

Must See Shocking Video - THIS Is Who We Are Helping In Syria!
Length: 3:42

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Wednesday, August 28, 2013



Martin Luther King Jr. on Meet the Press on Aug. 25, 1963.

   I was nine years old in August of 1963 during the first airing, but I watched the re-broadcast of the Meet The Press interview of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Roy Wilkins on Sunday, then I combed the transcript for the one phrase that stood out to me.  Martin Luther King, Jr. had lofty goals for his community. 
   He was asked the question, "Dr King you are quoted in today's New York Times magazine as saying, 'The Negro's demand for equality must be approximated if not totally fulfilled.'  Would you say what you believe approximated equality is?"
   Dr. King replies, "I think equality is the ability of the individual in any society to achieve respect and dignity and all of the other things that any individual in that society would achieve without the barriers of laws standing before him saying, 'You cannot go here, or You cannot do that,' and without customary barriers.  I think in order for the Negro to approximate equality here all of the barriers of racial segregation must be removed and all of the barriers of discrimination, whether it is housing conditions, whether it is in employment where the Negro confronts a great deal of discrimination, whether it is the actual segregation of the South in schools, or the de facto segregation of the Northern schools.  All of these barriers must be removed before the Negro can even begin moving up on the highway of freedom in all of its dimensions."


   What stood out to me in this interview is Dr. King's goal of "dignity and respect".  Dignity comes from within.  The definition from is :1: [Noun] True honor; nobleness or elevation of mind, consisting in a high sense of propriety, truth and justice, with an abhorrence of mean and sinful actions; opposed to meanness. In this sense, we speak of the dignity of mind, and dignity of sentiments. This dignity is based on moral rectitude; all vice is incompatible with true dignity of mind. The man who deliberately injures another, whether male or female, has no true dignity of soul..


   Respect comes from others.  You may begin with respect, but when it is lost, it is extremely difficult to regain.  American Heritage Dictionary defines it this way:  "The state of being regarded with honor or esteem."


   Dignity and respect.  It appears that the Civil Rights Movement has been hijacked.  There is no dignity among the Negro Community leaders, thus there is no respect for the community as a whole.  The leaders of The Movement are cannibals who have devoured their own. 

   How can anyone respect Sheila Jackson-Lee,

Sheila Jackson Lee


who is a self-proclaimed "former slave", who is now a "freed
slave"?  That statement is just absurd!  She keeps getting elected to serve in the U.S. House of Representatives.  That means that the community who elects her has no dignity.  I know that in my own family, back to my great-grandparents, none of us owned slaves.  We know of none of my family dating back before WWI who owned slaves. So, while equality is a righteous goal, I don't owe anyone anything for my mistreatment of them.

   Let's look at "The Reverend Jesse Jackson",

Jesse Jackson

or lets' not.  Sometimes, I just think everyone who keeps grabbing publicity whether "community activists" or politicians are all afflicted with stage 4 syphilis.  They don't exhibit any semblance of cognitive ability.
   In the Meet The Press interview, I also noticed something else that Dr. King did not say.  He was fighting for the right to work, live, and play just like anyone else.  Anyone with a heart can understand these goals and promote them.
   But the Movement ended up moving the Negro back to the plantation.  Rev. Jesse Jackson glorifies his "welfare President".  Orlando Shaw, 33 years old, is a "rock star" with
Orlando Shaw
 22 children by 14 different women.  All of them are on welfare.  How is this "dignity" or "respect"?  They want others to pay for their existence rather than wanting equality for employment, schooling, or which community to live in.
When did they change their goal?
   Herman Cain was attacked for attending college rather than marching.  Dr. Ben Carson was slammed for thinking for himself and realizing that his morality is more in line with the Conservative's values.  I know many normal, everyday Blacks who also have a great moral compass, but they have not attended a church ran by a "Pastor" like Jeremiah Wright.
   Fifty years after Martin Luther King, Jr.'s efforts, the Civil Rights Movement has been determined to be a failure due to The Left.  Don't feel badly, though, because the Republican Party is also a failure for the same reason.
   The only solution I can think of is for all of us to read.  We need to read The Bible and "test the spirits" for understanding.  You are invited to join us at for Bible reading and discussion.
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Saturday, August 10, 2013


   On August 9th, President Obama held a press conference where he said that the House should pass the Senate bill on amnesty for foreigners who have invaded our country.  One of the problems with this is that the Senate (Harry Reid) has not sent the bill to the House.  The Senate bill has been deemed unconstitutional, because it creates new taxes and fees.  The only branch of the government that has the power to raise new taxes is The House.
   Now, the Senate is eager to "conference" with The House.  If the Representatives proposes a bill on immigration and it goes to conference, the Senate can take the title of that bill, gut the bill and insert their own version of their immigration bill, and have it voted on.  Senators are slobbering at the mouth for the House to introduce anything that resembles a bill on immigration.  That way, the Senate can blame the Republicans in the House for introducing and passing amnesty for the foreign criminals.
   We the people need to wake up and stop this madness.  Contact Speaker Boehner and your Federal Representative and let them know that you are AGAINST amnesty.  Tell them NOT to take up immigration reform, so the Senate bill will die and not become law.  If every American contacts their own Representative and the Speaker, AND forwards this blog to 10 of their friends, who do likewise, MAYBE we can take back our country.  What do you say, are you in? 
  If our soldiers can give up their lives in America to fight in foreign countries to keep us free, are we willing to do our part?  Do you have their backs?  What will they come home to if we sit on our thumbs and do nothing?   Freedom is worth fighting for.  This is a call to action that costs you nothing.  No dues to pay, no club to join.  Please engage today.  Our country needs YOU.

In order to find your Representative, or Speaker Boehner, here is a link:
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Tuesday, August 6, 2013


   Bob Scheiffer was at it again on Sunday, August 4th.  His message this week was all about the alleged Al Qaeda threat to Americans.  He brought several people of position on the show to "interview" them about the threat. (Remember President Obama declared that Al Queda was on the run after he had Osama Bin Laden killed.)  But suddenly, America has been ordered to shut down foreign embassies and a travel alert has been issued for traveling abroad.
   About 15 minutes into the show, old Bob revealed his hand.  He gave credit for thwarting this "threat" to the NSA and their authority to spy on Americans.  REALLY?!?  It was a 30 minute infomercial to keep and expand the  NSA.  What a dork!

  • Play CBS Video
  •    I have to question just how many Americans buy all the propaganda that the "big 3 networks" put out these days.  I was watching Face The Nation with a family member, and when Bob started giving kudos to the NSA, I burst out laughing and identified the infomercial for what it was.  This is what it has come down to:  the major networks are just a propaganda machine for The Left.
       Real Americans have been forced to obtain information about their world online.  There are many news sources there that don't give a flip about which sponsors pull out and which ones support a free America.  We understand we are fighting for our lives and our country.
       In D.C., as well as in the media, it is all about big corporations and their money.  Online, it is what is best for this country and informing true Patriots.  Those of us who monitor online news agencies, talk radio, and blogs are given the task of informing those who don't access the truth. 
       I am happy to report that the Republican National Committee has threatened to boycott presidential debates for the 2016 election if CNN and NBC air the 2 hour infomercial about Hillary Clinton before the election.  I almost caught a heart attack when I heard they were finally finding their backbone. 
       It is time for all of us to find our backbones, roll up our sleeves, and fight for this country.  It is up to us to fight for our own freedom.  Identify two or three people who are walking around in darkness and show them the light.  If we all do our part, we can hold onto our freedom.

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