Saturday, August 10, 2013


   On August 9th, President Obama held a press conference where he said that the House should pass the Senate bill on amnesty for foreigners who have invaded our country.  One of the problems with this is that the Senate (Harry Reid) has not sent the bill to the House.  The Senate bill has been deemed unconstitutional, because it creates new taxes and fees.  The only branch of the government that has the power to raise new taxes is The House.
   Now, the Senate is eager to "conference" with The House.  If the Representatives proposes a bill on immigration and it goes to conference, the Senate can take the title of that bill, gut the bill and insert their own version of their immigration bill, and have it voted on.  Senators are slobbering at the mouth for the House to introduce anything that resembles a bill on immigration.  That way, the Senate can blame the Republicans in the House for introducing and passing amnesty for the foreign criminals.
   We the people need to wake up and stop this madness.  Contact Speaker Boehner and your Federal Representative and let them know that you are AGAINST amnesty.  Tell them NOT to take up immigration reform, so the Senate bill will die and not become law.  If every American contacts their own Representative and the Speaker, AND forwards this blog to 10 of their friends, who do likewise, MAYBE we can take back our country.  What do you say, are you in? 
  If our soldiers can give up their lives in America to fight in foreign countries to keep us free, are we willing to do our part?  Do you have their backs?  What will they come home to if we sit on our thumbs and do nothing?   Freedom is worth fighting for.  This is a call to action that costs you nothing.  No dues to pay, no club to join.  Please engage today.  Our country needs YOU.

In order to find your Representative, or Speaker Boehner, here is a link:
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