Friday, May 23, 2014



   I had the displeasure of seeing the news on our local Fox network last evening (KRIV channel 26).  I really don't usually sit down and watch the major network news programs, as they don't really report the news, but rather self-promote their network programming, like Survivor, American Idol,etc.  I was walking by last night, though, and the television was on.
   KRIV has a segment on their so called news program where they have Quanell X sounding off against some white guy.  If you are familiar with who Quanell X is, he is promoted as being a "community activist".  That is code for someone who stirs up racial tension.
   Last evening, he was spouting his racist venom, as he often does.  He was talking about the kidnapping of girls in Nigeria and how people in Hollywood were concerned about them.  He said, "I never knew that white folk really cared about young black girls."
   Now, I don't know if you have heard about Donald Sterling, but he was ostracized about not wanting his girlfriend to socialize with blacks.  His comment was made in the "privacy" of his own home, while Quanell X's comment was made on a major network news program.  Where is the outrage?
   I grew up in an era of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the great U.S. Congresswoman from Texas, Barbara Jordan.  Dr. King promoted looking at a man's character and not the color of his skin.  Congresswoman Jordan advocated closing the borders of America.   They used reason over race baiting.  
   It is time that all Americans stop this ignorance!  I encourage everyone to join the letter writing campaign against KRIV.  Let them know that if this is their view, they are not welcome in your home.  It is up to real Americans to let the media know we are fed up with this kind of nonsense.  We have a voice and it is time we use it.  I am just sick of the stupidity, aren't you?

   Here is how to contact them:

Physical/Mailing Address
4261 Southwest Freeway
Houston, TX 77027

Main Number/Programming/Public Affairs
(713) 479-2600

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