Sunday, September 25, 2011


   I am a registered nurse.  While working at the hospital, one of my patients was a male who had choked on his meal at a local restaurant.  He did not receive CPR at the site for what ever reason, but the paramedics were summoned.  When he was brought to the hospital, he had lost function of much of his body due to lack of oxygen to the brain.
   Why do I mention him today?  In case you missed it, Congress has condoned openly homosexuals to serve in the military.  How is this going to effect our young people who volunteered to serve?  How many lives do you think will be affected when they are on the battle lines and one gets shot?  Who will try to stop the bleeding of their fellow soldiers at the risk of contracting HIV?  I don't know why the other patrons did not administer CPR to my patient, but I can imagine why no one would perform CPR on the battle lines at risk to his own life.
    We currently have separation of males and females in military camps, but now the lines are not as clear.  I would not feel safe undressing and showering in front of someone who I know is homosexual, any more than in front of the opposite gender.  Would you? 
   Isn't it already stressful to be fighting on foreign soil to keep our country free without having President Obama's political agenda forced on us?  I have personally met some of our fighting men and women.  They are remarkable.  I am ashamed of our White House Administration and particularly of President Obama for pushing this upon our military.
   This just ads to other actions this President has taken to take down America. 
    In the following weeks, I will be introducing you to some of the people President Obama has surrounded himself with.  Get to know them.  I have always told my children that, "you are who you hang around with". 

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


The Republican candidate, Bob Turner, won the special election last night in New York.  This was the congressional seat that had been occupied by Anthony Weiner, who resigned in June, due to his sex scandal.  This is a district which has Democrats registered 3 to 1 over Republicans, and has not elected a Republican since 1920.  It also has a substantial Jewish presence, who have traditionally supported the Democrats.  In fact, the Democratic candidate, Mr. Weprin, is an Observant Jew.  The problem is, that Mr. Weprin has voted contrary to Jewish beliefs, and our Democratic President Obama does not support Israel.  I remember Mario Cuomo once saying that he is Catholic but that would not influence his politics.  If you are true to your religious beliefs, they definitely affect every aspect of your life, including politics.
It was reported last week, that the Egypt Ambassador to the United States, Adel A. Al-Jubeier, delivered a secret message to President Obama from Saudi Aribia's King Abdullah upon his return from the region.   Laura Rogers of The Envoy, Yahoo News' blog, reported on 9/6, that the message was delivered to President Obama the week prior to her report, and that the Ambassador had left Washington again.  The content of the message was not released, but in her report, it is disclosed by a former American diplomat, that our President has "asked for greater Saudi contributions to help fund the Palestinian Authority", who declared plans to seek statehood recognition from the United Nations later this month.  President Obama has also stated that he favors returning Israel to the pre-1967 borders.  Our President is on an alarming political course in the region.  Americans, Christian and Jewish, are paying attention to what President Obama is doing.  He has to be stopped before he crosses a line which there is no return, thus, in my view, the election last night in New York.
Our President's campaign promise of transparency has surely been tossed aside.  The White House Administration has not disclosed what the message from King Abdullah contained.  Israel is being bombarded daily and all our President wants to talk about is spending money that does not belong to him.
Is it too much to ask to be informed as to his intent where Palestine's request for statehood is concerned?  Some of  "the American public" really wants to know.  For us, this is top of our concerns, even over the economy.  What is your opinion?  Is this important to you and your family? 

Friday, September 9, 2011


What do you know about George Kaiser and the George Kaiser Family Foundation (GKFF).  The investment arm of GKFF is Argonaut Ventures (AV).  Argonaut Ventures owns a huge piece (39%) of Solyndra's parent company, 360 Solar Degree Holdings, Inc.
Now, follow this:  Solyndra was praised by the White House as being a "green" success story.  There is a video on W.H.GOV from 2008, showing how great this company is. Solyndra received direct political support from the White House and money from the federal government to the tune of $500,000 in a federally guaranteed loan from the "green energy initiative" (DOE).  Here's one connection:  George Kaiser is an Oklahoma oil billionaire and a major Obama fundraiser, according to The Blaze.
Here's another connection:  Steve Mitchell heads Argonaut Ventures.  Argonaut Ventures is the investment arm of George Kaiser Family Foundation.  Steve Mitchell is also on the board of directors of Solyndra. 
A statement released by George Kaiser Family Foundation reads, "George Kaiser is not an investor in Solyndra and did not participate in any discussions with the US Government regarding the loan.  George Kaiser Family Fondation invests in a global diversified portfolio across many different asset classes."  What that sounds like to me is that Mr Kaiser refuses to accept responsibility for his actions and/or the actions of one of his employees (Steve Mitchell).
In the past two years, Solyndra officials and investors made no fewer than 20 trips to "the West Wing"...including four trips just the week before the $500,000 loan was announced.  So, after they received part of the stimulus money, there was communication between this company and SOMEONE in the "West Wing".  The last time I looked, the Oval Office is located in the West Wing.
Federal agents and Department of Energy (DOE) agents executed a search warrent this morning at Solyndra's headquarters in Fremont, California, according to the Los Angeles Times, two days after the bankruptcy announcement by the company.  According to The, "some analysts claim a combination of shady ties to the Obama administration and crony capitalism are reasons behind the raid."  Since we remember another US President and Watergate, maybe we should keep an eye on what happens about this situation.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Today's report of the world's most competetive economies has the United States continuing to slide in the global standing.  In 2008, when Barack Obama was elected President, we were number 1.  Last year, we were fourth.  Today, we rank fifth of 142 countries included in the 2011-2012 report.  According to the World Economic Forum's Global Competitiveness Report, Switzerland is number 1, followed by Singapore.They list Sweden as number 3.  Factors that are considered include:  health and education, institutions, infrastructure, macroeconomic environment, goods and labor market efficiency, market size, business sophistication, technological readiness and innovation.  Today in America, we have 9.1 unemployment with no net jobs added in the month of August. 
The top problematic factor for the Unites States is our tax rates, according to the report.  Other factors include:  "inefficient government bureaucracy", access to financing, tax regulations, inflation, and a "poor work ethic in National labor force."
The competetive economies list also includes #4:  Finland
                                                                      5   United States
                                                                      6   Germany
                                                                      7   Netherlands
                                                                      8   Denmark
                                                                      9   Japan
                                                                     10  United Kingdom
                                                                     12  Canada
                                                                     17  Saudia Arabia
                                                                     18  France
                                                                     22  Israel
                                                                     26  China
                                                                     90  Greece
How much more "hope and change" can we take?

Saturday, September 3, 2011


AUG. 30, 2011
Headlines from The reads "After Israel deploys warships to the Red Sea, Iran sends warships and submarines of its own."  The report states that Israel had sent two additional war ships to the Red Sea border with Egypt following warnings that militants are planning another attack on southern Israel from Egyptian soil.  It states that Iran is sending a submarine and a warship to The Gulf of Aden and the Red Sea.  This report then goes on to quote rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari, with the Iran military, to say, "the deployment will serve the country's interests and 'convey the message of peace and friendship to all countries'."  The report was posted by Tiffany Gabbay.
Sept. 3, 2011
Today, Yahoo News/AP reports that "Turkey has expelled Israel's Ambassador and cut military ties over Israel's refusal to apologize over last year's deadly raid on a Gaza-bound aid flotilla, further straining a relationship that had been a CORNERSTONE of regional STABILITY.
...The rupture between the Jewish state and what was once it's most important Muslim ally raised concerns Egypt and Jordan might follow, increasing Israel's isolation in the region."