Sunday, September 25, 2011


   I am a registered nurse.  While working at the hospital, one of my patients was a male who had choked on his meal at a local restaurant.  He did not receive CPR at the site for what ever reason, but the paramedics were summoned.  When he was brought to the hospital, he had lost function of much of his body due to lack of oxygen to the brain.
   Why do I mention him today?  In case you missed it, Congress has condoned openly homosexuals to serve in the military.  How is this going to effect our young people who volunteered to serve?  How many lives do you think will be affected when they are on the battle lines and one gets shot?  Who will try to stop the bleeding of their fellow soldiers at the risk of contracting HIV?  I don't know why the other patrons did not administer CPR to my patient, but I can imagine why no one would perform CPR on the battle lines at risk to his own life.
    We currently have separation of males and females in military camps, but now the lines are not as clear.  I would not feel safe undressing and showering in front of someone who I know is homosexual, any more than in front of the opposite gender.  Would you? 
   Isn't it already stressful to be fighting on foreign soil to keep our country free without having President Obama's political agenda forced on us?  I have personally met some of our fighting men and women.  They are remarkable.  I am ashamed of our White House Administration and particularly of President Obama for pushing this upon our military.
   This just ads to other actions this President has taken to take down America. 
    In the following weeks, I will be introducing you to some of the people President Obama has surrounded himself with.  Get to know them.  I have always told my children that, "you are who you hang around with". 

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