Thursday, July 28, 2011


What were you doing in 1974?  That was when baseline budgeting was created.  Let me see if I can break it down in normal language:  If you had a household budget of $2000.00/month in 1974, that is $24,000.00 annually.  In 1975, your budget is automatically increased by, let's keep it simple and say by 10%.  So, in 1975, your budget is $26,400.00.  You just go to your employer and demand a pay increase to keep up with the budget.  In 1976, it automatically increases again by 10% to $29, 020.  You demand another pay increase from your employer to keep up with the budget.  1977 automatically brings your budget to $31,922, etc., etc., etc.  This is what our government passed in 1974.
In addition to the baseline budget, if you want to buy a new car, that is an increase in spending.  You ask your spouse if they want a new car.  They say yes, so the new car is put in the budget, which increases it.  So, in addition to what is already allocated for the automatic increase, you add the expense of the new car, insurance, maintenance, etc.  The new budget, then, increases the baseline.  So, if you bought the car in 1977 for a monthly payment of $249.00 and insurance of $150.00 and maintenance of $100.00, that is a total of $5988.00 added to your annual budget.  So, in 1978, your baseline is $31,922.00 plus $5899.00 plus that automatic 10%, making your budget $41,603.00.  You just go to your employer and demand a pay raise.
This is what our government has been doing to us since President Nixon.  This is not a democratic or a republican thing, it is a politician thing.  We need to have a constitutional amendment to balance our budget now.  A couple of months ago, Timothy Geithner said that the current amount of spending in Washington is not sustainable.  We have to hold our representatives accountable for the spending in Washington.  We are the "employer" and this "employer" is out of money and in survival mode.
Please take the time to contact your congressional representatives today and voice your concerns.  If you don't know who they are, contact me and I will send you a list with contact numbers.  Please, do it today.
I know we are all busy just attending to our own daily lives.  But, this is really important.  Please do it today.

Saturday, July 23, 2011


Am I the only guy in the world who was actually listening to my President on Friday evening when the budget talks broke down?  He said something like he was trying to agree with Speaker Boehner despite his party and "political interest" groups.  Did anyone else catch that?  This government is supposed to be by the people (we elected these politicians to REPRESENT us).  It is supposed to be of the people (rather it is OF big business and interest groups).  It is supposed to be FOR the people, not for the political parties.  But politicians are not listening to the people!
Let me break it down in common language:  Let's say I go to the department store with my credit card and buy a lot of items on CREDIT, because I don't have the money to pay for them.  Did you catch the part that I went to the department store, not the grocery store?  O.K.  So I didn't NEED these items, but they were on sale!  I put $2000.00 of charges on credit, but I saved $600.00 because they were on sale.  When I get home, my spouse is furious, because he NEEDS to work on the car, which is about to break down and he won't be able to get to work.  He tells me that I need to return all of the sale items and credit the charges back.  But I saved $600.00!
Can you see the similarities to my situation and the liberals in Washington?  They have been on a spending spree since '08 and it has to stop!  They need to return the items and credit the card.  It is as simple as that.  What they want to do is steal from their elderly parents to pay for the items they should not have bought to begin with.  Then they want to blame the spouse for being unfair.
Let me give another example:  President Obama ordered a troop surge in Afganastan.  We increased the troops by 4000.  Then, after Bin Laden was alledgedly taken out, President Obama called for a draw down.  He announced we were going to reduce the troops by 1000.  Do the math.  That leaves 3000 more troops than we started with.
We the people are tired of the smoke and mirrors coming from this administration.  We don't have time to analyze all the stuff they are trying to put over on us.  We elected our representatives to do that for us.  They need to stand up for us and do the job they were sent to do.  We don't care that they saved $600.00.  We can't afford the $2000.00 to begin with.  We need to stop the frivolous spending, reduce what we have already committed to, and balance the budget.  We need to do that without stealing from our elderly parents.

Monday, July 18, 2011

redistribution of wealth

A lady I know was awarded her student loans with her divorce some years ago.  She went from being a married woman with two incomes to a single mom mired in debt, struggling with the trauma of divorce.  She contacted her senator years later, asking for direction to obtain grants or something to assist with paying off the loans, as she struggled with supporting her children and paying the student loans.  She was told that she made the loans and it was her responsibility to pay the debt. Thus, the redistribution of wealth went to her husband and away from her and the children.
Our government has a spending problem.  I could name several millions of dollars of wealth the politicians could redistribute:: 
1.  The millions we just gave to Argentina to drill for oil, after all, drilling for oil isn't good enough for us
2.  The millions we continue to give to support the abortion industry
3.  The millions we spend to translate our laws to a different language other than our own
4.  The millions we give to support the sexually deviant in the arts
5.  The millions we give to illegals in this country for food stamps, education, health care, etc.
6.  The money allocated to pay for embryonic stem cell research
7.  The millions in Egypt's debt our President forgave and millions he pledged to that country
8.  etc
The way I see it, this so called redistribution of wealth is grabbing the money from the tax payers and investing our money in AIG, GE, GM, Chrystler, etc. so that the government owns them.  They are taking our money away from us and giving it to the government!  They have already cut the social security program, and are wanting to do it again,  They are NOT redistributing the so called wealth to the poor, but to the government.  We have not forgotten how Pres. Chavez was so cozy to our president.  Wasn't he coaching Pres. Obama on how to take over our country?
We should place leins on the property of those involved in making the government debt, garnish their wages, and force them to pay off their mess.  After all, that is what they told my friend.  What's good for the goose...

Friday, July 8, 2011

Humberto Leal executed

Yesterday, July 8, 2011, Humberto Leal was executed in Texas for crimes committed.  The hype surrounding this case involved the President of the United States asking the Supreme Court to intervene on the criminal's behalf "because he was a Mexican national".  He was allegedly brought to the United States by his parents when he was one year old.
Now, let us dissect this case using logic: 
1)  His parents entered the United States illegally, bringing him with them
2)  Since his parents had no regard for the laws of this country, they taught him that our laws are irrelevant
3)  Our own President acknowledges that he was not a citizen, even though he was here through no action of his own, but through his parents actions
There has long been discussion about what action the United States should take about such as these.  I think our President got this one right.  If these people have invaded and occupied our country, whether by omission or commission, they are still here illegally.  That means they have already broken our law.
I was listening to a talk show the other day, where an illegal called in to say he couldn't get a driver's license here but he was driving when he called in.  That means:
1)  he broke the law, just by being here
2)  he broke the law by driving without a license
3)  he broke the law by driving without auto insurance 
 When  our citizens  break our laws, they are punished.  The illegals are rewarded with free health care, food stamps, free education, etc.  It is time to address this continued disregard for our laws.  They do not deserve amnesty and the American citizens are fed up with the politicians coddling them, in hopes of expanding their political base.
I say:
1) make it a felony to be here illegally, to take away their RIGHT to vote.  That takes the politicians out of the equation
2) lock them up, since they have committed a crime
3) conact their country of origin.  Charge them with the cost of  their arrest, trial, imprisonment, and for the cost of shipping them back to their country
4) if their country will not pay for expenses incurred, ship them to Gitmo until their family or someone pays for their expenses, including the cost of them going to Gitmo and for their stay there
If you don't punish the illegals, stop punishing our citizens!

july 4th

On this national celebration of our independence, let us contemplate our freedom.  I was told by one very special to me, that in the war, he was a cook.  Well, without cooks, no one eats!  Everyone counts.  On this July 4th, let each one of us enlist in keeping our freedoms and exercising our rights.  Each of us can take twenty minutes to learn who our state and federal representatives are and how to contact them.  Our U.S.  reps are discussing raising the federal debt.  Give them a call, e-mail, or note via snail mail and voice your opinion.  If our military can work 24/7/365 for us, can we not take that 20 minutes to exercise our RIGHTS that each of them have dedicated a portion of their lives trying to defend?  Our rights are like muscles in that if we don't exercise them, we loose them. Think about it.  Act today.  This is a call to action.