Monday, July 18, 2011

redistribution of wealth

A lady I know was awarded her student loans with her divorce some years ago.  She went from being a married woman with two incomes to a single mom mired in debt, struggling with the trauma of divorce.  She contacted her senator years later, asking for direction to obtain grants or something to assist with paying off the loans, as she struggled with supporting her children and paying the student loans.  She was told that she made the loans and it was her responsibility to pay the debt. Thus, the redistribution of wealth went to her husband and away from her and the children.
Our government has a spending problem.  I could name several millions of dollars of wealth the politicians could redistribute:: 
1.  The millions we just gave to Argentina to drill for oil, after all, drilling for oil isn't good enough for us
2.  The millions we continue to give to support the abortion industry
3.  The millions we spend to translate our laws to a different language other than our own
4.  The millions we give to support the sexually deviant in the arts
5.  The millions we give to illegals in this country for food stamps, education, health care, etc.
6.  The money allocated to pay for embryonic stem cell research
7.  The millions in Egypt's debt our President forgave and millions he pledged to that country
8.  etc
The way I see it, this so called redistribution of wealth is grabbing the money from the tax payers and investing our money in AIG, GE, GM, Chrystler, etc. so that the government owns them.  They are taking our money away from us and giving it to the government!  They have already cut the social security program, and are wanting to do it again,  They are NOT redistributing the so called wealth to the poor, but to the government.  We have not forgotten how Pres. Chavez was so cozy to our president.  Wasn't he coaching Pres. Obama on how to take over our country?
We should place leins on the property of those involved in making the government debt, garnish their wages, and force them to pay off their mess.  After all, that is what they told my friend.  What's good for the goose...

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