Saturday, July 23, 2011


Am I the only guy in the world who was actually listening to my President on Friday evening when the budget talks broke down?  He said something like he was trying to agree with Speaker Boehner despite his party and "political interest" groups.  Did anyone else catch that?  This government is supposed to be by the people (we elected these politicians to REPRESENT us).  It is supposed to be of the people (rather it is OF big business and interest groups).  It is supposed to be FOR the people, not for the political parties.  But politicians are not listening to the people!
Let me break it down in common language:  Let's say I go to the department store with my credit card and buy a lot of items on CREDIT, because I don't have the money to pay for them.  Did you catch the part that I went to the department store, not the grocery store?  O.K.  So I didn't NEED these items, but they were on sale!  I put $2000.00 of charges on credit, but I saved $600.00 because they were on sale.  When I get home, my spouse is furious, because he NEEDS to work on the car, which is about to break down and he won't be able to get to work.  He tells me that I need to return all of the sale items and credit the charges back.  But I saved $600.00!
Can you see the similarities to my situation and the liberals in Washington?  They have been on a spending spree since '08 and it has to stop!  They need to return the items and credit the card.  It is as simple as that.  What they want to do is steal from their elderly parents to pay for the items they should not have bought to begin with.  Then they want to blame the spouse for being unfair.
Let me give another example:  President Obama ordered a troop surge in Afganastan.  We increased the troops by 4000.  Then, after Bin Laden was alledgedly taken out, President Obama called for a draw down.  He announced we were going to reduce the troops by 1000.  Do the math.  That leaves 3000 more troops than we started with.
We the people are tired of the smoke and mirrors coming from this administration.  We don't have time to analyze all the stuff they are trying to put over on us.  We elected our representatives to do that for us.  They need to stand up for us and do the job they were sent to do.  We don't care that they saved $600.00.  We can't afford the $2000.00 to begin with.  We need to stop the frivolous spending, reduce what we have already committed to, and balance the budget.  We need to do that without stealing from our elderly parents.

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