Friday, July 8, 2011

july 4th

On this national celebration of our independence, let us contemplate our freedom.  I was told by one very special to me, that in the war, he was a cook.  Well, without cooks, no one eats!  Everyone counts.  On this July 4th, let each one of us enlist in keeping our freedoms and exercising our rights.  Each of us can take twenty minutes to learn who our state and federal representatives are and how to contact them.  Our U.S.  reps are discussing raising the federal debt.  Give them a call, e-mail, or note via snail mail and voice your opinion.  If our military can work 24/7/365 for us, can we not take that 20 minutes to exercise our RIGHTS that each of them have dedicated a portion of their lives trying to defend?  Our rights are like muscles in that if we don't exercise them, we loose them. Think about it.  Act today.  This is a call to action.

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