Saturday, May 26, 2012


   Here is the latest from Washington, DC, your elected officials hard at work:  The honorable Senator from California, Diane Feinstein, and half a dozen other senators have proposed a bill, S 3239, which sets a federal standard for the treatment of egg-laying HENS.  The economy is in the toilet, TSA is out of control and growing, and our elected officials are severely concerned about the treatment of egg-laying hens!  Are you kidding me?
   Then there is the Roger Clemens RE trial.  I can find no information on the exact cost to American taxpayers for this total waste of time and money.   Some say the cost is in the millions.  That is more than one million dollars.  Do you know how much money a million dollars is?  Can you just reach into your pocket and pull out a million dollars?  How about two or more million?  That is insane!  I would not approve the expense, but no one asks me, they just spend and spend.  And the "widows and orphans" starve.
   Really, if the Feds want to investigate something, why don't we concentrate on the congressional insider trading or give solid, unquestionable proof of our current President's origin and childhood.  I would approve of the expense of investigating the truth about his birth and childhood.  I would like to see his college transcripts.  After all, he "spent the last two years of high school in a daze" due to drug abuse, according to his own words.  How did he manage to attend Harvard?
   I just don't understand how the stupidest 1% of Americans are in D.C., employed by the working class!  We really need to fire them all.

What are your thoughts?

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


   The blog at The Washington Post, The Fix has posted a piece today by Chris Cizzilla regarding the latest news of the Democratic Primaries in Arkansas, Kentucky, and West Virginia.  This is about the Democratic Primaries, did I mention that?  Chris answers the question of why President Obama has lost 40 percent of the Democratic vote by saying it is racism, pure and simple.  I just want to know if the President just turned half black two weeks ago.  Chris uses the term "conservative white Democrats".  I have to ask have you seen a "conservative white Democtat?  How about Sasquatch?  I'm sure they are comparable.  I've never seen either one.
   The news across the spectrum of reporters, is that the sitting President of the United States is slipping heavily in the polls.  That is their point.
   I would like to propose that truely conservative Republicans don't support the progressive candidate for the Presidency, either.  I'm not talking the "severely conservatives" today, I'm talking about the Tea Party, true to the core conservatives, the Bible believing conservatives who are not happy having Romney crammed down our throats by all the establishment Washington insider McCain Republicans.  I just have to wonder if those "conservative white Democrats" are the group the Republicans have been courting.  I don't see true conservatives coming out to support Romney in November.

What about you?

Saturday, May 19, 2012


   Here we go again.  We have Progressives reporting on "experts" who want more government intervention in our lives.  I have to say, real Americans are fed up with the bs.  Stacia Matthews posted a piece at with a lot of "facts" on May 17, 2012, with an update on May 18.  A closer look at what is posted reveals the story must be an interview with Dr. Eric Wright. 
   Dr. Eric Wright heads the Department of Public Health at the INDIANA UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF MEDICINE.  Now, Indiana has an Indiana State Department of Public Health, but that institute is not cited in this piece.  The piece sites a head of a department at a university!  This is just another piece of poop "reporting" that the mainstream media is renown for.
   None of the supporting "facts" are obtained by Americans:  They talk about a BRITISH MEDICAL JOURNAL saying more than 60% of Americans are overweight.  Stacia also posts that "a new study" is who suggested that imposing a fat tax on unhealthy food and drink is the best way to force Americans to loose weight and live healthier.  Really?  I would like more information on this unnamed "new study".
   Let me just go ahead and "bottom line" this report:  Americans cannot trust the main stream media for real information.  I'm not targeting Stacia.  I'm sure she is a nice person.  I am just saying that there is nothing in the main stream media these days that I find helpful.  When I examine the data, there is a huge amount of FACTS missing.
   I was taught to ask questions, like who, why, what, etc.  The answers to these questions regarding this article by Ms. Matthews appears to be the who is anybody who is in favor of higher taxes, which is the what.  To answer the why:  convince Americans they WANT government telling them how to conduct their lives.  I just don't see any other point of her report.  Today's mainstream media keeps pushing their socialist agenda and adjusting facts to brainwash Americans into accepting it, which probably should have been the title of this post.

What is your opinion?

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


   What is your opinion on homosexual marriage?  When did you come to that conclusion?  Well, President Obama said today that he has "evolved" on his position of homosexual marriage.  The meaning of the word "evolve":  to develop or achieve gradually. 
   What The President is wanting us to believe is that he has not always believed that homosexuals should have marriages.  Understand, they have civil unions.  But President Obama's view on homosexuals being allowed to marry has evolved within the time he has been in politics.  Oh, it's politics.  Well, why doesn't he just tell us that!
   What he is really saying is that he wants to pander to those progressives who believe that homosexuals should be granted to be able to marry.  They want everyone to believe that homosexuals are the same as heterosexuals.  They want everyone to believe heterosexuals are the same as child predators, etc.  They believe we are all stupid.
 Well, thanks President Obama, but no thanks.  You pander to those half dozen people who are homosexuals and want to marry.  I will "evolve" to believe as I have since I was young.  Heterosexuals marry, period.  The people in your world are about the stupidest ever.  I just can't fix stupid.

What are your thoughts?

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Monday, May 7, 2012


   I have been talking with the "man on the street" regarding the upcoming Presidential election this year.  I have come to a conclusion as to a strategy to maximize the probability of winning the election for either party.  Neither candidate has secured my vote.  I am awaiting a response from the candidates.
   What are your thoughts about this election season?

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Tuesday, May 1, 2012


   I have been talking to my neighbors lately, and most of them are talking about how they are disgusted with the politicians in Washington, DC.  They tell me it is time to fire everybody there, including the lobbyists, and return to what the system is supposed to be.  They are fed up with crooked politicians stealing our money and giving it to terrorists.
   Nobody I have interviewed says they are happy with Romney buying the nomination in the Republican Party.  I won't even repeat what I am being told about the Democrats in office.  Let me just say that NOBODY is happy with the politicians.  In fact, Americans are fed up with the elections being for the rich people in the North and the East, who don't know how Americans really live or how we feel.
   The Tea Party started to clean out the deeply rooted politicians, but it appears the Tea Party fizzled.
   I have to agree with my neighbors.  I worked for Rick Santorum's campaign this year.  I have previously posted about how stupid I feel that the people in Wisconsin are, how I feel they must have "drank the drink".
   I am currently working to get enough signatures on the petition for the Americans Elect Party to place their candidates on the ballot in November.  They are a bunch of screwballs, if you ask me, but I don't think they are worse than what I have seen in the last three and a half years.
   As of today, neither President Obama nor former Governor Romney has not earned my vote.  I may just opt for the third party screwballs!
   What do you think?

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