Thursday, April 19, 2012


   Did you hear about the hate crime against a St Louis man for posting a poem expressing support of  the Jewish people in Israel?  The victim is an Iraqi Muslim.  The crime took place on August 14th.  The main stream media has been silent on crimes like this, have you noticed?  That's not even the worst of it:  When News 4 asked the local police about the case, they confirmed that they responded to a call for help around 10:45 am  on August 14, 2011.  That's all they would say.  News 4 was referred to the local FBI, where Rebecca Wu responded in an e-mail saying, "The FBI cannot comment."  The story was not picked up by News 4 until September 27th.  They got the story from FrontPageMagazine, an online political magazine.  My question is, Why did the News 4 reporters not know about this story on August 14th, not September 27th?  Do they not monitor their local police department reports?  It looks suspicious to me.  It looks like the main stream media is silent, afraid of being censored by the political left.  I remember Barbara West interviewing Vice-President candidate Joe Biden in 2008 and how the Administration censored her.
   More and more I am uncovering how the liberals are covering up news that should be reported widely.  This President ran on his administration being the most transparent Presidency ever.  He and his administration has been censoring news since before he came to office.
   I knew something was amiss in 2008, at least, I guess that is when I first discovered something was missing.  Then, just a hint, I heard about an interview that Barbara West did with Vice-President candidate Joe Biden.  The Obama campaign was furious at her questions and cancelled further interviews with the station where she was working at (WFTV in Orlando, Florida).  You remember the interview:  Mrs. West asked then Senator Biden if he was "embarrassed about Barack Obama's affiliation with ACORN" given allegations of voter registration fraud in elections past.  She went on to liken candidate Obama's remarks to "Joe the Plumber"  to a quote from Karl Marx.  She also questioned Senator Biden on Candidate Obama's views on "spreading the wealth" and questioned if Obama might lead the US into a socialist country much like Sweden."  The O'Rielly Factor Oct. 28, 2008, Wikipedia
   I don't know, but I was listening to every news report I could listen to and nothing was adding up.  Washington was going crazy and I couldn't figure out why.  Then, I listened to Glen Beck.  You know, the Glen Beck that all the main stream media is always putting down?  Well, he connected the dots for me.  No where in the main stream media did I get the answers to what was going on.  Glen Beck, with his chalkboard, gave me information that I couldn't get in the normal news.  The problem is:  he was on cable news.  A lot of people in this country don't have cable or satellite.  We rely on ABC, CBS, and NBC.  That is our mistake.  Do you know what we expect from main stream media?  We expect them to inform us of important news!  Now, every time the news reports a crime, they follow up with how the police are asking the citizens to solve the crime for them! 
   Recently, it has been exposed that ABC, CBS, and NBC have all tampered with the news about an Hispanic man shooting a Black teen.  They are all guilty of manipulating the facts to promote their leftist agenda.  These days, when I watch the local news, I have to get online to verify facts.  It is a sad day in America.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012


   The latest hooha from Washington is about Mitt Romney driving around with his dog in a travel kennel on the top of his vehicle back in 1983. 1983 was a very good year.  In August of 1983, we experienced Hurricane Alicia in the Houston-Galveston area....memories.  But let us get back to the stupid:
   The Leftist media was trying to distract Americans away from Obama's record for the past three years.  They will be doing this until after this election.  The poor babies lost on this one, though.  Here in Texas, we lower the tailgate and holler to "Blue", the Coon Dog to "load up", and he gallops into the bed of the pickup truck.  We don't have any of those fancy kennels to put on the top of our cars for our dogs, but they sure do love riding in the bed of the truck.
   By the way, we were reminded about President Obama EATING DOG while he was living in Indonesia.  Has anyone seen Bo, the First Dog lately?
   The fact is, Obama's operatives are doing anything they can to distract Americans from what is going on in Washington, and from Obama's miserable record as President.

What do you think?

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Tuesday, April 17, 2012


   A long time ago in a land far away...November 18, 1978 in Jonestown, Guyana... a group of cult followers (912 people) drank a deadly concoction of a purple drink laced with cyanide, sedatives, and tranquilizers upon the direction/coaxing of cult leader Jim Jones.  The drink mix came to be called "Kool Aid".  Thus, the term, "drinking the Kool Aid" referring to any group who cannot think for themselves, believing in one fanatic's teaching/preaching, not bothering to search for the truth.  Let's look at what happened and see if we can identify other "cult" today:
02-jones-jim ji.jpg

   First of all, Jim Jones did not graduate from any seminary.  Did Jeremiah Wright?  The Reverend Jesse Jackson?  Any of the current activists?  Yet, Jim Jones used religion to pray upon the weak.  President Obama appointed himself as the only overseer who could care for Black America, the victims of capitalism.
   Where did President Obama attend school?  Where are his transcripts?  Where are the people he attended school with?
   As a child, Jim Jones studied Joseph Stalin, Karl Marx, Mahatma Gandhi and Adolf Hitler carefully, noting each of their strengths and weaknesses.  Barack Obama studied Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers, Che Guevara.
   In 1960, Indianapolis Democratic Mayor Charles Boswell appointed Jim Jones director of the Human Rights Commission. Jones ignored Boswell's advice to keep a low profile, finding new outlets for his views on local radio and television programs.When the mayor and other commissioners asked Jones to curtail his public actions, he resisted and WAS WILDLY CHEERED at a meeting of the NAACP and Urban League when he yelled for his audience to be more militant, and climaxed with "Let my people go!"
   President Obama keeps telling Black America he is their salvation against the "1%".  He has been successful in stirring up racial and social animosity.  While Americans keep "drinking the drink", not seeing that he has been jetting all over the world using America's money.  He keeps stealing from Americans and giving billions to his cronies who helped him get elected.
   Has anyone who voted for President Obama in '08 noticed how divisive he has been for America?  While "hope and change" was to bring Americans together and we were finally to have transparency in the White House, it was all just words!  We followed him like the "Pied Piper". 
   Now that President Obama is running behind on national election polls, are we to expect another Jonestown?  Will he command us all to commit suicide, or to kill each other?
   We are living in a scary time, indeed.

What do you think?

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012



     I was looking for the results of the Republican Primaries this morning and I stumbled upon a site for the "local" Fox11.  Let me say right here, that I have been working the phones for Rick Santorum for a while, including placing calls to Wisconsin.  So, the piece on Fox11 states, "For members of the Winnebago County Republican Party, it was a change of pace to have a presidential primary that mattered in Wisconsin."
   Really?  I am dumbfounded to understand how anyone can make a statement like that, given the results of the voting.  Obviously Wisconsin didn't matter.  "The Powers That Be" had Romney elected from the beginning of the Primaries.  They didn't need Wisconsin voters to agree with them.  Just "drink the Drink".  
   I mentioned that I placed calls to potential Wisconsin voters.  I concluded that the citizens in Wisconsin must all be wearing underwear that is too small.   It reminds me of a photo I saw posted on facebook where a lady who must have been size 48 had on a pair of shorts that must have been around size 4.  I mean, the voters I phoned wouldn't even allow me to introduce myself before they were telling me not to call them again or just hanging up.  Thy must have been tuned into an Obama speech.  They were angry.   Yes, it was a change of pace to have a presidential primary that mattered in Wisconsin.
   If they really wanted to matter, they could have voted for Santorum and allowed the entire United States citizens to have a choice in November.  They, instead, allowed Romney to buy the nomination.  Thank you, Wisconsin.
   What do you think?

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