Wednesday, April 4, 2012



     I was looking for the results of the Republican Primaries this morning and I stumbled upon a site for the "local" Fox11.  Let me say right here, that I have been working the phones for Rick Santorum for a while, including placing calls to Wisconsin.  So, the piece on Fox11 states, "For members of the Winnebago County Republican Party, it was a change of pace to have a presidential primary that mattered in Wisconsin."
   Really?  I am dumbfounded to understand how anyone can make a statement like that, given the results of the voting.  Obviously Wisconsin didn't matter.  "The Powers That Be" had Romney elected from the beginning of the Primaries.  They didn't need Wisconsin voters to agree with them.  Just "drink the Drink".  
   I mentioned that I placed calls to potential Wisconsin voters.  I concluded that the citizens in Wisconsin must all be wearing underwear that is too small.   It reminds me of a photo I saw posted on facebook where a lady who must have been size 48 had on a pair of shorts that must have been around size 4.  I mean, the voters I phoned wouldn't even allow me to introduce myself before they were telling me not to call them again or just hanging up.  Thy must have been tuned into an Obama speech.  They were angry.   Yes, it was a change of pace to have a presidential primary that mattered in Wisconsin.
   If they really wanted to matter, they could have voted for Santorum and allowed the entire United States citizens to have a choice in November.  They, instead, allowed Romney to buy the nomination.  Thank you, Wisconsin.
   What do you think?

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