Friday, July 8, 2011

Humberto Leal executed

Yesterday, July 8, 2011, Humberto Leal was executed in Texas for crimes committed.  The hype surrounding this case involved the President of the United States asking the Supreme Court to intervene on the criminal's behalf "because he was a Mexican national".  He was allegedly brought to the United States by his parents when he was one year old.
Now, let us dissect this case using logic: 
1)  His parents entered the United States illegally, bringing him with them
2)  Since his parents had no regard for the laws of this country, they taught him that our laws are irrelevant
3)  Our own President acknowledges that he was not a citizen, even though he was here through no action of his own, but through his parents actions
There has long been discussion about what action the United States should take about such as these.  I think our President got this one right.  If these people have invaded and occupied our country, whether by omission or commission, they are still here illegally.  That means they have already broken our law.
I was listening to a talk show the other day, where an illegal called in to say he couldn't get a driver's license here but he was driving when he called in.  That means:
1)  he broke the law, just by being here
2)  he broke the law by driving without a license
3)  he broke the law by driving without auto insurance 
 When  our citizens  break our laws, they are punished.  The illegals are rewarded with free health care, food stamps, free education, etc.  It is time to address this continued disregard for our laws.  They do not deserve amnesty and the American citizens are fed up with the politicians coddling them, in hopes of expanding their political base.
I say:
1) make it a felony to be here illegally, to take away their RIGHT to vote.  That takes the politicians out of the equation
2) lock them up, since they have committed a crime
3) conact their country of origin.  Charge them with the cost of  their arrest, trial, imprisonment, and for the cost of shipping them back to their country
4) if their country will not pay for expenses incurred, ship them to Gitmo until their family or someone pays for their expenses, including the cost of them going to Gitmo and for their stay there
If you don't punish the illegals, stop punishing our citizens!

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