Wednesday, September 14, 2011


The Republican candidate, Bob Turner, won the special election last night in New York.  This was the congressional seat that had been occupied by Anthony Weiner, who resigned in June, due to his sex scandal.  This is a district which has Democrats registered 3 to 1 over Republicans, and has not elected a Republican since 1920.  It also has a substantial Jewish presence, who have traditionally supported the Democrats.  In fact, the Democratic candidate, Mr. Weprin, is an Observant Jew.  The problem is, that Mr. Weprin has voted contrary to Jewish beliefs, and our Democratic President Obama does not support Israel.  I remember Mario Cuomo once saying that he is Catholic but that would not influence his politics.  If you are true to your religious beliefs, they definitely affect every aspect of your life, including politics.
It was reported last week, that the Egypt Ambassador to the United States, Adel A. Al-Jubeier, delivered a secret message to President Obama from Saudi Aribia's King Abdullah upon his return from the region.   Laura Rogers of The Envoy, Yahoo News' blog, reported on 9/6, that the message was delivered to President Obama the week prior to her report, and that the Ambassador had left Washington again.  The content of the message was not released, but in her report, it is disclosed by a former American diplomat, that our President has "asked for greater Saudi contributions to help fund the Palestinian Authority", who declared plans to seek statehood recognition from the United Nations later this month.  President Obama has also stated that he favors returning Israel to the pre-1967 borders.  Our President is on an alarming political course in the region.  Americans, Christian and Jewish, are paying attention to what President Obama is doing.  He has to be stopped before he crosses a line which there is no return, thus, in my view, the election last night in New York.
Our President's campaign promise of transparency has surely been tossed aside.  The White House Administration has not disclosed what the message from King Abdullah contained.  Israel is being bombarded daily and all our President wants to talk about is spending money that does not belong to him.
Is it too much to ask to be informed as to his intent where Palestine's request for statehood is concerned?  Some of  "the American public" really wants to know.  For us, this is top of our concerns, even over the economy.  What is your opinion?  Is this important to you and your family? 

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