Friday, January 20, 2012



   Maybe it is time for America to reconsider all the money we give other countries.  Foreign aid given by America should be to promote democracy, not Muslim Sharia law.  It should be to promote and protect American interests abroad.
   Take the aid given to Libya over the past year by the Obama Administration.  According to ABC news on August 22, 2011, the military intervention cost the American taxpayer via the Obama Administration $896 million dollars through July of 2011.  The President had also pledged another $25 million in non-lethal aid.  That was six months ago.  How much more have we sent them since then?  In return for our efforts, Lybian Islamists rallied on Jan. 20, 2012 to demand Muslim Sharia law inspire their legislation of their "democracy".
   So, we are in debt $921 MILLION dollars for a government that hates America and Israel.  What a great deal!  Well, not really.  This is not even a good deal.  Give me the $921 million dollars and I will set up a government that will love America!  I would even accept one million to set up my America loving government.
   Then, consider that the American government sends Pakistan 2 billion dollars annually in civil and military aid.  Pakistan kicked America out of their country after our President crossed into their country to kill Osama Bin Laden and other terrorists.  One of the attacks also allegedly killed civilians in November of last year.   As a result, Pakistan closed border crossings to NATO convoys carrying war supplies to Afghanistan.  That has increased our cost to transport these supplies to $104 million dollars a month that used to cost $87 million a month less.  We are paying six times more to transport this cargo because Pakistan is unhappy with us.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?
   Not only did Pakistan close those two border crossings, but they also ordered the U.S. to vacate Shamsi Air Base, which the U.S. was using to launch drone strikes against al-Qaida and Taliban militants.  The strikes, largely by the CIA, target militants hiding along the Pakistan border, launching attacks against NATO troops in Afghanistan, according to AP News.
   We need to reconsider our priorities and our commitments to these foreign countries.  That's my thoughts, what's yours?

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