Friday, December 30, 2011


   There is one candidate running for President of the United States who is a true American minority.  One.  He is not a democrat.  She is a Christian, conservative American minority.  Think about that for just one moment. 
   When our current President talks about his family, he always talks about his white family.  His father, who was born in Kenya, does not have the background to claim to be an American minority.  He may be a minority American, which is different.  His family has not handed down the struggles of a true American minority.  His family is white.
   Michele Bauchman, on the other hand, is a true American minority.  Women have struggled with some of the same issues as Americans of color.  In the mid 1970's, I was hired into a man's job due to the affirmative action law.  They needed to hire a woman.  I would know about the struggles, as would Mrs. Bauchman, who has been a tax lawyer.  
   She is a Bible believing Christian.  She is a mom, who does not believe in abortion.  She has the same points of view that I do.  Why would I vote and support some yahoo who does not act the way he claims to believe? 
   No, my vote and support goes to Michele Bauchman.  Please join me.  It is just common sense.

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