Friday, January 4, 2013



   President Obama did not sign the "fiscal cliff" deal into law.  He flew Air Force One into Washington D.C. from Hawaii for a photo op. during the drama of talks about the deal.  He appeared on several television shows.  He was even sequestered with Speaker Boehner for a while during his time in town.  Then he left D.C. before signing the bill and flew back to Hawaii for a total spending just on his trip of no less than $3.6 million.
   Wait a minute.  What was the purpose of the "fiscal cliff" deal?  Oh, yes, it was to raise taxes.  Why raise taxes if the Obama Administration is so reckless with our money? This President did not negotiate the deal, Vice President Biden did.  Why did Obama leave Hawaii, fly to D.C. then fly back to Hawaii?  Photo ops, pure and simple.  He is still campaigning, you know.  It only cost you and me three million six hundred thousand American dollars.
    Do you really have that much money to throw away?  No, of course not.  Nevertheless, that money was taken from you and your children so President Obama could be seen.  A machine really signed the bill.  I think the President should pay for that trip out of his own pocket and give me the millions of mine he spent on the second trip to Hawaii.  What could you do with the $3.6 million dollars?  He flushed it down the toilet---over the continuous 48 states!

What are your thoughts?

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