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   Have you ever wondered what a community organizer is?  What he does?  How he thinks?  There was a television show named "Bonanza" years ago which might shed a little light on the subject.  See if you can google Season 5, episode 28:  A Pink Cloud Comes From Old Carthay.  In the show, we learn that community organizers operate on the 3 laws of "progress" (progressive):

1) Never mind my own business.
2) Never allow people to be content with their fate.
3) Never be reasonable.  Reason leads to compromise and compromise leads to defeat.

   Then, I was researching my Bible study blog,, and I ran across what appears to be not only the Occupy group defined but also our elected officials, the "Washington Cartel".  It comes from John Phillip's Commentary on the Proverbs.  Dr. Phillips was in Orlando visiting a Native American pastor and asked the pastor to illustrate "the sinful fool".  Here is how he replied:

   "As a lad I grew up in Chicago and ran with a street gang.  In the gang there were a few types known as 'gators' ( a contraction of the work 'instigators').  These were the gang leaders.  They were the ones who had the ideas.   The idea may have been to trash someone's car or to murder someone.  The 'gators' came up with the idea, made the plans, spelled out the details, told the various gang members their specific duties, and instigated the action."

   "Certain criminal types are born leaders....Nazi Germany illustrates what happens when people from the gutter become the leaders of the government.  The Nazi leaders were a gang of thieves and mass murderers.  They lied, cheated, and bullied their way to power.  They launched the nation on a course of crime and conflict."

   Sir Hartley Shawcross of the British delegation described the atrocities committed in the concentration camps:  "People were worked, beaten, and starved to death - if they were not murdered on arrival.  Human hair was baled for commercial purposes and used for stuffing mattresses.  Tattooed human skin was made into lampshades.  Human fat was used to make soap.  Gold teeth were extracted from corpses, melted into ingots, and shipped to the Reichsbank."  He summed it up by saying, "Mass murder had become a state industry, with byproducts."

   Chilling, isn't it?  The abortion industry is one that comes to mind here, but there are so many more!

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