Saturday, May 21, 2016



   This guy woke up this morning and decided he was a woman.  He still has all of his "man parts" but he says he is a woman.  He decided to wear lace underwear and put on a dress.  He applied makeup to his face.  He says he is a woman.

   Pre-school children know he is a man, even when he dresses up and plays make believe.

   His DNA says he is a man.  Does DNA lie?  If DNA lies, why are we convicting people on DNA evidence?  If DNA can be used as evidence, HE IS A MAN!!!!!

   We have got to stop being manipulated into bowing down to the froward crowd.  Sexual perversion is not to be condoned or promoted.  It is time to stand up for common sense and protect our families.

   What job are we paying our elected officials to do?  How many times have they turned their backs on common sense and promoted killing of babies, funding the killing of babies, punished Christians for opting out of sexual perversion, "clinging to our guns and Bible"?  It is time to burn up the phone lines to D.C.  EVERY time a story comes across the wires about our officials allowing some senseless act to be perpetrated, even by our President, we need to bombard D.C. with phone calls.  Then, we need to vote them out of office and cut off their pensions.  There is no need to pay them to oppress us.

What are your thoughts?  Are you as smart as a pre-schooler or have you been brainwashed?  Maybe it is time to get back to reality and use common sense!  You are encouraged to leave a comment with your thoughts.  Keep it civil, please.

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