Friday, April 5, 2013



   My Dad fought in the last Korea war.  A lot of lives were lost and a lot were changed forever.  The reports on the television news is very upsetting to him.  Are the news reports about North Korea just more lies?
   I have many questions about the news reports in light of how the Obama media has contorted the truth about everything they report.  Mr Zimmerman was a racist and had no wounds from Treyvon.  There is no story regarding Benghazi.  There is no story regarding gun running to Mexico.  The U.S. Borders are secure.  The recession is over.  Gun control is for the good of the natural born citizens of America.  Only illegals undocumented Democrats will work at unskilled jobs.  Welfare grows the economy.  What is the meaning of the word "is"?  It is just a blob of cells.  These are not the droids you are looking for.  Just drink the powdered soft drink mix!
   Then there is a story about Kim Jong-un rattling his saber in North Korea.  Did our President provoke this action?  Is there any truth to the story at all?  Is it just in response to war games of South Korea?  The pictures of South Koreans appear calm.  President Obama must be aware that North Korea is "just a small country" and cannot be a threat to our security.
   What is the real story?  Is this a ploy to extend Obama's reign for another term?  Is this an excuse to tax every hard working American citizen 90%?  What is really going on?  Is there a reason for my Dad to be upset?
   How is anyone to trust the reports in light of all the lies?

What are your thoughts?

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