Tuesday, April 16, 2013



   Breaking news from Boston:  There were two explosions reported near the finish line of the Boston Marathon yesterday.  We are covering the Democrat response to the news, as we try to determine what happened.

Obama back on golf course after spending outcry from GOP
   We located President Obama on the golf course and asked him for a few words.  He said he did not give JayZ permission to travel to Cuba.  Oh, about the attack....it was not a terror attack.  He was in touch with the CIA, FBI, IRS, DHS, HHS, etc.  He was being updated frequently.  Nothing was going to be done that he did not approve.  He was told there was a video from some obscure comedian that prompted the incident.  But, Americans shouldn't worry.  Just give up your guns and the government will protect you.  Besides, Massachusetts is such a small state.  There could not be much news there.
   Looking to Congress for answers, we were informed that the bombing is considered to be "work place violence".  Their spokesman asked us to concentrate all of our cameras on the scene so they can push pardons through Congress for more than 11 million criminals.  They were also busy working to "fix" the Second Amendment.  We were invited for some photo ops with the various Representatives.  They informed us that they would form a committee, though, to look into the Boston situation.

   The former President of the United States, Bill Clinton states, "We were caught with our pants down.  We never saw it coming."  When asked if there is any indication as to who was behind the attacks, the former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton replied, "What difference, at this point, does it make anyway?"

   We want to ease the fears of Bostonians and Americans everywhere.  We have just learned that the TSA has asked for more money to expand even further to frisk more grandma's diapers and children in wheel chairs so we will prevent any future threat.
   That is the latest from Boston.  Back to you in your living rooms who trust this Administration and their National Media.

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For those of you who are too stupid to understand it, this post is a reflection of the mistrust of and lack of respect for the current Democrats in power.

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