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   The first step in the federal budget process is that the President has to propose a budget to the Congress by the first Monday of February each year.  President Obama does not obey this law called the Congressional Budget Act of 1974.  This budget is to be very specific:
"On or before the first Monday in February, the President submits to Congress a detailed budget request for the coming federal fiscal year, which begins on October 1. (In years where there is a change in administration, the budget is submitted later.) This budget request, developed by the President's Office of Management and Budget (OMB), plays three important roles. First, it tells Congress what the President recommends for overall federal fiscal policy, as established by three main components: (1) how much money the federal government should spend on public purposes; (2) how much it should take in as tax revenues; and (3) how much of a deficit (or surplus) the federal government should run, which is simply the difference between (1) and (2). In most years, federal spending exceeds tax revenues and the resulting deficit is financed through borrowing."

   During the Obama years, America has given the government additional money above and beyond what they take in taxes in the form of TARP, the fiscal cliff deal, and raising the debt ceiling.  We have already discussed the baseline budgeting in previous posts. 

   The sequestration is only a CUT from the scheduled INCREASE, called baseline budgeting.  So, this really is not a cut in spending, but a cut in the scheduled increase in spending.

   Now, what we are seeing from the Democrats in Washington, is aimed at punishing Americans because the Democrats were held to cutting SOMETHING from their out of control SPENDING.  President Obama has released foreign prisoners upon American citizens, and now he has withdrawn border patrols to allow more foreign criminals into our country.
   The American Federal government is not required to hand out free cell phones, give welfare to foreigners who break into our country, nor are they required to take separate vacations at the expense of the taxpayer.  We don't want any of these Democrats ripping our Constitutional rights from us by using drones on us, especially when it is OUR  money that purchased them.  The federal government is REQUIRED to protect our country (including from invasion from foreigners).
   It is time for President Obama to obey the law:  protect our country  and submit a budget!

   It is time to fire the Democrats.  The time is now.

What are your thoughts?

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  1. Study my Letter on
    "Crimes", "Criminals", "Felonies","Misdemeanors", "Illegalities", etc., don't exist. Such concepts Violate BASIC Legal & Constitutional Principles, such as Presumption of Innocence, Legal Due Process, etc. (Since people are Presumed to be innocent of "Crimes", there can't be any such things as "Crimes.
    People who enter a Free Country without documents obviously aren't Criminals!
    (Instead of searching for Crazy Inbox, try June 5, 2012 p=6498.)