Sunday, March 17, 2013



   The latest news that the state media has run with is that Ohio Republican Senator Rob Portman has come out in favor of gay marriage.  His son has admitted that he is homosexual, thus, Senator Portman has decided to turn away from supporting traditional marriage.  I wonder what other core truths he has decided to turn away from.
   Let's travel on my "way back machine, Sherman", and tell you of an experience of mine years ago:  It was early in the 80's.  My supervisor, let's call him "Joe", had learned that his son had AIDS, he was a homosexual.  Joe refused to talk with his son as he battled the imminently fatal disease.  When the young man died, Joe refused to attend the funeral.  I couldn't understand Joe's harsh reaction to this situation. 
   As the years went by and I was raising my children, I confirmed with them regularly that I was their mother and they would always be my children.  I would try very hard to give them unconditional love.  I let them know that I may not always approve of their ACTIONS, but I would love THEM.  Of course, I have since been the founder, CEO, and president of each of their fan clubs, and that continues today.  Should they even commit murder, they will always be my children and I will always love them.
   That said, I will not condone the ACTION of murder, or try to legalize it.  I will visit them in prison and love them but I stand against murder.
   That brings us , not only to the good Senator from Ohio, but to all who have been brainwashed by Satan to believe that wrong is right.  I support homosexual civil unions.  I believe in the SANCTITY of marriage as God has described it.  If you follow Oma in all of her blogs,including and , you know that I "cling to my guns and religion".  I believe that loving your children does not have to include condoning their ACTIONS if those actions are in opposition to your faith.
   I also believe this is the Conservative position, politically.  We love our neighbors and our country, but we don't go against God's teaching in doing so.  We have a definition of Truth and our Truth does not change according the results of the latest poll.

What are your thoughts?

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