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   The federal fiscal calender begins in September, so, since fiscal 2008, just before Barack took office, until fiscal 2012, when he was re-elected, government spending rose $822.90 per person.  I guess that means that we all have a lot more money to buy those things we want or need, right? Adding the increase to what was already being spent per individual, that totals $11,292.79 average for each of us.  Well, that makes me feel so much better. 
    $11,292.79....if you added that to your annual income, you might be able to buy a package of gum....unless the liberals have banned buying gum in the list of all the other things we can't decide on our own whether or not to buy.
   Here is the caveat:  The increase in spending is not reported to be on Americans, but individuals living here!  Well, that brings it into focus just a bit clearer.  That spending is for all the illegals, their relatives, us paying for them to have babies here, the drug cartels they bring with them, the foreigners who have over-stayed their "student visas" (terrorists), etc., including Barack's family who have been living here illegally from the beginning and receiving welfare.  (You are welcome to google that.  You will get an eye full.)
   For Americans, we have been charged $822.90 more since Barack took office to support his failed energy companies, GM, GE, AIG, etc.  We have lost over 2 million jobs, which has costs us more than $822.90.  We have recently had a tax increase. 
   We are now being bullied into BUYING a product which Barack has decided that we don't have sense enough to buy (health insurance).  I have to wonder, "why health insurance?"  Not everyone gets sick, but one out of one people will die.  Why not burial insurance?  Why not dental insurance?  Most people will have teeth.  Why not force us to buy a house? 
   Besides, I am mad at Barack about the minimum wage.  He wants to raise it to $9.00/hr, you know.  I think he should raise it to $44.00/hr.  That way I can reduce my hours at work, pay for the increase in his spending, buy all the poop he wants to force me to buy, and still have money to spend on feeding my family.  Better yet, why not just give me the $3.6 million dollars of ours he wasted flying back to Washington D.C. from Hawaii and back to Hawaii for the "fiscal cliff" deal that was robo-signed?  Or, maybe he could give me even one of the millions of our dollars he has given to Muslim countries.  Then, I could retire and still buy all the poop he wants to force me to buy.
   Barack has declared war on Americans.  What was it his pastor said?  "Not God bless America, but God damn America!"  Obviously Barack listened to him for twenty years and decided to act on it.   
    Well, congratulations on the increase in spending.  Good luck paying for it.

What are your thoughts?

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