Monday, February 11, 2013



   Due to the legal protection homosexuals and other sexual deviants have obtained under the law for their ACTIONS, I am getting up a petition for civil rights protection for smokers, who have been discriminated against in public and in the work place.  It is in our DNA to perform the ACTION of smoking.  The tobacco industry embeds addictive chemicals in their products so we can't stop smoking.  Smokers are no more at risk for health issues than those who PRACTICE sexual perversion.
   I am also getting up a petition for civil protection for the obese.  Our government is targeting American citizens who cannot stop drinking large sodas.  Buying sodas is just as legal as buying cigarettes.  President Obama is not arresting dope smokers, so why is Mayer Bloomberg targeting sodas?  No, the time is now for civil rights for the obese.  Fat people are no more at risk for health issues than those who PRACTICE sexual perversion.
   While I'm at it, I am getting up a petition to give amnesty for every AMERICAN who has been imprisoned for drug abuse, theft, robbery, identity theft, insider trading, gun running, and medicaid/medicare fraud.  Since Obama wants to give amnesty for ILLEGAL immigrants for selling drugs, theft, robbery, identity theft, and medicaid/medicare fraud and since our government is guilty of gun running and insider trading, I believe every NATURAL BORN AMERICAN CITIZEN should also receive amnesty.  In fact, why not give amnesty to rapists, murderers, and those who don't pay their taxes or student loans?  It is legal for women to kill their pre-born babies, so every murderer should be pardoned. 
   Yes, let's get those petitions circulating.  After all, what is good for one should be just as good for someone else.

What are your thoughts?

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