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   Amanda, this post is for you, because I know you have health issues and sometimes it is all you can do just to get through the next hour.  I get that.  So, when you state that you are undecided about which way to vote in November, I had to step up and give you as much information as I can.  So, here goes:
   I have said since Romney obtained the Republican nomination that I am not voting for him.  I did not like anything he did to win...the lies and meanness of spirit.  That said, I have said I am voting against Obama.  Let him who have eyes see, let him who have ears hear. 
   I have seen what Obama's media has been doing to give him another term:  how they have altered the news to shine a better light on the man and make it look like he is the greatest thing ever.  I refer you back to the Treyvon Martin case for one.  ABC, CBS, they omitted information and altered information to make it seem that Treyvon was the victim after Obama got involved and said, "If I had a son, he would possibly be like Treyvon."  The facts showed that the kid was a thug and the Hispanic was the victim.
   Even recently, when Terrorists hit Benghazi and killed our people, Obama and his media made it look like America instigated that.  Obama had one of our citizens arrested for instigating the violence.  The fact, however, is that Obama was too busy campaigning to heed the requests for added security to the Embassy there, and the Ambassador had told them that he had been targeted.  Two weeks later, Obama finally says it was a terror attack.  Hello.  9/11.  Do you think the security should have been beefed up a little?
   He is a Muslim, by his own admission.  He attends a "church" for 20 years that preaches, "not God bless America, but God damn America".  This is Obama's philosophy.  He wants to bring America to her knees and is succeeding in it.  He wants to bring America down to a third world status.  He is an anti-colonialist.
   These are just a few of the things I know.  Oh, and don't forget the blog site where he is portrayed as the "second coming": .  There is so much information available about him, I can't imagine why anyone would vote for him.

Let me know your thoughts.

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