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The following are some facebook posts on tonight's debate:

i guess obama is on crack tonight instead of weed

ooops it just may come to blows. i guess romney is tired of obama calling him a liar to his face.......crack!!!!!!!!!!!

well, romney finally called middle INCOME Americans instead of middle CLASS like obama says

i'd like to fart in that moderator's face

obama talks about everybody else's policies but can't discuss his own

obama wants to spend money we will save by not fighting wars but we are BORROWING that money for the wars. why can't he pay down the deficit instead?

obama just blamed everybody else why he did not keep his campaign promises

he sold them to drug cartels across the border

if Americans don't have opportunities in this country for an education, how did President Obama get one?
     Hmmm, maybe as a foreign exchange student
now, quote steve jobs
     that's sad that the moderator had to
     steve jobs said it was because of the regulations
     you are a crack up... Im reading each post LOL :)smile

the fact is that real Americans don't have any misperceptions

if you missed the debate tonight, all you missed was a circle jerk

   The following is what the Drudge Report observed:
At the second presidential debate on Tuesday night, a camera caught first lady Michelle Obama clapping after moderator Candy Crowley told Republican presidential candidate Gov. Mitt Romney that President Obama called the Benghazi attack an "act of terror" soon after the attack on the U.S. consulate.

Nearly all of the audible applause came from those sitting away from the actual debate, but when FOX News' camera shot moved to a bird's-eye view it became apparent that the only applause from the participating debate audience came from first lady Michelle Obama. Mitt Romney's wife Ann was also sitting with the debate participants.

According to the rules both campaigns agreed to, or the memorandum of understanding (MOA), there is to be no clapping from members of the debate audience.

The rule: Article 9, Section A, Subsection 7: "All members of the debate audience will be instructed by the moderator before the debate goes on the air and by the moderator after the debate goes on the air not to applaud, speak, or otherwise participate in the debate by any means other than by silent observation, except as provided by the agreed upon rules of the October 16 town hall debate."

   Paul Scicchitano at Newsmax reported Cindy Crowley's behavior this way:

Republican strategist Bradley A. Blakeman tells Newsmax that CNN’s Candy Crowley was “wrong” to correct GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney during Tuesday’s tempestuous presidential debate.

“Candy Crowley was wrong. The president used the term ‘terror’ generically, not specifically. And if the president is telling us today that he knew when he entered the rose garden that it was an act of terror, then why did he let his subordinates go out and spin the story that it was not?,” said Blakeman, a Newsmax contributor who appears regularly on Fox News.

Candy Crowley moderated the second presidential debate.
CNN's Candy Crowley overshadowed the candidates themselves at times.
(Getty Images)
Crowley’s now famous interjection in the second of three presidential debates overshadowed the candidates themselves to some extent, according to Blakeman.

“Candy Crowley became a participant in the event — kind of the teacher helping the student, especially the Libya response from the president,” he said.

Crowley interjected “He did in fact sir” in response to Romney’s assertion that the president blamed an anti-Muslim video the day after the Libyan attack rather than calling it an act of terrorism.

Blakeman, who was a senior member in the last Bush administration, insisted that Romney was correct in calling the president out for misleading the American people.

“The president — if you go back and listen to his remarks — he used the remarks ‘terror’ generically and not specifically to what happened in Benghazi. And even on Univision, he said ‘we’re still investigating,’” said Blakeman. “Well if we’re still investigating, then it wasn’t an act of terror Mr. President, was it?”

   That is what happens when the liberal media inject themselves as part of the Obama Administration.  That is why it looked like a circle jerk:  it was two against one: President Obama and Candy Crowley against Mit Romney.
What are your thoughts?

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