Sunday, November 20, 2011


   It is coming down to the wire on the Congressional budget cuts.  Although the liberals had two years without restraint just after we sent Barack Hussein Obama to the White House, they deny responsibility for the state of our government.  Oh, yes, it is G.W. Bush's fault.  Oh, dear!
   The liberals continue to say nothing is their fault.  They just want to be "fair" through government.  O.K., then, let's be fair:  I have been paying taxes ALL of my life.  I will never collect my social security that I paid for.  The liberals want to raise taxes on "the rich".  Well, if we are going to be "fair", let's stop funding welfare recipients with my money.  Let's stop supporting ILLEGAL immigrants.  Let's stop base line budgeting.  Let's stop Congress from making money in a way that would be ILLEGAL for the American Public.  In fact, let's take that money away from them, that is ill-gotten gains, and apply that to the deficit!  If we are taking other people's money, let us also confiscate money from those who are working to destroy this country and apply that money to the deficit.  Hello George Soros, SEIU, etc.  Let's have Egypt pay the millions of debt our President has forgiven since the militant Muslems took over that country.  Let's cancel the milllions our President promised Brazil to drill oil.  Let's stop funding abortion!
   No, the Liberals want to gut our military.  We asked them to CUT spending.  The Liberals can't hear us.  They want to INCREASE taxes.  What is the meaning of the word "is"?  How stupid can you be? 
   What are your thoughts?  Leave a comment to tell Washington how to CUT spending.

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