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   Have you noticed how many times the "news" media get facts wrong?  There are no published corrections any more.  They just go about their "business" as if all they "report" is fact.  Hello, Brian Williams.

   I accessed Fox Cable News recently and there was Jon Scott saying that Presidential candidate Ted Cruz is "a son of immigrant parents".  Since when did his American mother become an immigrant?  Then  Jon and Jenna Lee referred to the foreign invasion of our country as "compassion".  Really?  Where is the compassion for my children and grandchildren?  We have laws in this country that need to be enforced and reinforced to protect natural born Americans.  It is manipulation and political correctness run amok!  These "reporters" need to research the propaganda they are spreading and report facts.  "Fair and balanced" indeed!

   Speaking of "natural born", do you know that only "natural born" citizens are qualified to be President of the United States of America?  Marco Rubio's Cuban born parents were not citizens of  the United States of America when he was born, which makes him an "anchor baby".  He is not a natural born citizen, but simply a citizen; you could even argue that he is a foreigner, also.  Therefore, he is not qualified to be President of America.  I posted about this back in June of this year.  Please see "Marco Rubio's Qualifications for President".  Please note that "naturalized" is not the same as "natural born".

photo courtesy of his bio. on internet search

   Frank VanderSloot, billionaire, endorsed Marco Rubio recently. When asked why he chose Rubio, his response was, he is "the best informed and most articulate candidate running" right now.  Well, Obama was articulate also but his vision and ideals are wrong for this country; and so are Rubio's,  Why can't these billionaires pick a candidate that is right for this country?  Let me answer this question:  they are in it for themselves, not for this country.

   During this political season, pay attention to how all the television media are trying to keep us from voting for Ted Cruz for President.  They give shout outs for many candidates for what is reported that they do, positions they take.  However, they ignore how Senator Cruz has been standing for The Constitution of The Untied States for years, not just during this political season.  Read his biography or go to his campaign page and read about some of his accomplishments.

   The Washington cartel and main stream media are afraid of Ted Cruz.  They are against Americans.  I say, "test the spirits".  Know the truth and the truth will make you free!  What do you say?

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