Thursday, October 1, 2015


Breitbart's September Primary Poll Results  has released the results of the Breitbart September GOP Presidential Primary.  Voters were asked for their first, second, and third choice.  Out of 171,862 votes cast, the first choice of 36% of the voters was Donald Trump.  Ted Cruz won 18% for the voter's first choice, followed by Dr. Ben Carson with 13%. 
   But let's look a little closer at the results.  For second choice, Donald Trump only received 8%, Ted Cruz had 18% and Dr. Ben Carson received 20% of the second place votes.

   Now, the third choice of the voters were:  Ted Cruz with 10% and Dr. Ben Carson with 15%.  Donald Trump did not register in the third choice category.

   So, adding the votes cast for first, second, and third choice were:  Dr. Ben Carson with 48%; Ted Cruz with 46%; and Donald Trump with 44%.  Maybe this shows that we really need to stop listening to main stream media.  Aren't they pushing Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio?  smh!

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