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   Donald Trump has stirred up a firestorm for saying that John McCain is not a war hero, even though he was a Prisoner of War.  I was personally cussed out on social media for distinguishing the two.  After seeking clarification, I conceded the point that the Senator deserves the title of "war hero".
   There really was a difference when I was growing up.  Elvis Presley accepted the call to serve.  He was labeled "patriotic" for serving.  Audy Murphy was labeled "war hero" for his many distinguished, selfless acts of courage in protecting his fellow soldiers, disregarding his own safety.  Those captured by the enemy were labeled "prisoners of war".  None of the labels were intended to subtract from the commitment or courage of any who served.
   Aren't we all weary of politicians?  When Donald Trump attacked Senator McCain regarding his military service, my social media lit up.  Those who served in the military felt personally attacked by his remarks.  My disclaimer is that I did not enlist.  One of my very respected facebook "friends" pointed out that a POW is a hero for "putting their ass on the line and having to endure such a thing".  He went on to say that if our men and women faced the enemy and took the fight to them, he would consider them a hero.  Point taken.
   Our dads, mothers, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, aunts, uncles all who served in a time of war are heroes.  I have to agree with my "friend".  Maybe he should school Mr. Trump.

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