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   First of all, please allow me to define "lawlessness" with synonyms from  anarchy, disorder, chaos, reign of terror, mob rule.....  When there is lawlessness, there is chaos.  
   Laws keep order in society; they serve as a guideline of acceptable behavior.  Without law, there would be chaos and we would be reduced to animalistic "survival of the fittest".  They are to be amended when needed.  When those in power ignore the law, we have tyranny.  To learn about tyranny, you can access   

   Now, let us discover why God gave us laws.  We take this explanation from www.biblelaw101:  The reason why any government has laws is to keep order and punish lawbreakers.  Laws reveal what is acceptable to society and what is unacceptable.  Another reason is for economic growth:  When we do not obey the laws, such as drug laws or traffic laws, it affects our ability to work.  It also affects other's ability to work.  Those addicted to drugs might break into some one's home and commit crimes such as theft or personal injury.  Those who do not obey traffic laws might cause a wreck and get hurt or hurt someone else.  When people are injured, they are not productive.  A nation cannot be prosperous if too many non-productive people are supported by productive people.  Hitler's reign comes to mind here, as he had death panels.  Oh, and then there is our President.

   When our government chooses which laws to enforce and which ones to ignore, we have chaos. There is a system in place, laws, regarding legal immigration.  When people invade our country, steal our money, and do us harm, they should be punished, not rewarded.


   Keeping our focus on illegals being in our country and our government wanting to reward their behavior, let us focus on a few of The Ten Commandments:
   1.  You shall not kill.  Many of the illegals came here by paying human smugglers.  These are ruthless people.  I recall a story in the news in the past about how 19 people were transported in a tractor trailer truck by a human smuggler.  Unfortunately, the weather was so hot that those inside the trailer perished.
   2.  You shall not steal.  Any way you examine it, the fact is that illegals steal from Americans.  Either they don't pay taxes or they enroll in schools paid for by legal citizens or they use guns to take our money away from us.
   3.  You shall not covet.  This is the last of the commandments, but it is powerful.  The stealing and killing and all sorts of meanness is perpetrated because of these people wanting what you have but refusing to earn it the way you did.  Someone must have told them that if they want what belongs to you, all they have to do is come and declare it is theirs!

   BUT if our government from the White House to the local court house decides which laws are to be enforced, no citizen, whether legal or illegal, will respect our laws.  Chaos.

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