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   So, here it is, the third day of December, 2014.  We are through Thanksgiving.  And all I see on the television or hear on the radio is "Happy Holidays".  Houston is lighting their "holiday tree".  Commercials tout "holiday" gifts.  Now, really, what "holiday" does anyone give gifts for...Independence Day?  Veterans Day?  The whole world must be infected with "stupid"!  I don't recall EVER giving a holiday gift, how about you?

    I am sick of stupid pundits not knowing what "holiday" is in December, ESPECIALLY when they are trying to sell products for it.  I even saw a facebook post from one of our Congresswomen wishing everyone a "happy holiday".  No wonder our government is not working.  Nobody in D.C. knows what holiday is in December!

   Please allow me to present exhibit A:  

   I live in the United States of America, and in spite of what my President said, this country is founded on a Judeo-Christian belief.  Examine the above image of our currency and note the words, "in God we trust".  There is your evidence.  I don't care if you like that or not.  That is the fact.  So, please don't insult me with any "happy holiday" garbage.  If you don't know that Christmas is celebrated in this country in the month of December, just keep your mouth shut, or better yet, just leave.

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