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   I made the statement the other day, "One does not have to be a Christian to be a Republican but cannot be a Democrat if they are a Christian."  The statement really did not get the response I had intended.  I guess only two people saw it.
   If we don't vote according to our religion, what guideline do we use?  Do we use the Constitution?  How many of us have read and understood the Constitution?  How many Amendments have been added?  Currently, there is a 28th Amendment floating around on facebook.  Do you know there is no 28th Amendment to the Constitution?
   What about the politicians?  Do we vote according to what they say or how they look?  With the invent of television and with more and more people having them in their homes, it has been easier for a good looking politician to win over a not-so-good looking one.  Did you know that?
   Then we have the bills and crises that our elected officials vote on.  How many of us are informed about what is up for a vote and understand what impact it will have on our country?  How many of us care?
   What is the differences in the current party platforms?  Do you know what a platform or a plank is?  Do you vote for a party who supports  your own special interest or who supports the Constitution?
   The sad fact of the matter is that not that many people read the Bible or know what is in it.  I would venture to say that even fewer read the Constitution and can determine how to apply it to the different issues our Country faces.  Case in point, I give you the Supreme Court.  We have judges appointed to the Supreme Court who prefer to legislate from the bench.  Do you even know what that means?  Do you care?
   I am sure that we all care.  We are so busy with making a living and caring for our families that sometimes we just want to sit down in front of the television and vegetate.  We need our "down time".  Keeping up with politics is time consuming and boring.  Well, not for me.  I would rather have politics than football.  That is quite a statement.
    Furthermore, most of us know SOMETHING about religion or the Bible, but how many of us know ANYTHING about the Constitution and what it says?  It is easier to bring religion into the conversation than it is to talk about what the Constitution says about a subject or a proceeding.  Case in point:  a tax cannot originate in the Senate, like Obamacare did, thus, it is unconstitutional.  As with our religion, we need to be informed about the Constitution so we can have an intelligent debate.
   So, when someone brings religion into the conversation about politics, they are saying they don't have a clue about the Constitution.  The Heritage Foundation has been giving free classes on the Constitution.  Yes, it requires a little investment of your time and effort to understand some of it, but isn't it worth it?  Isn't it worth it to be an informed consumer?  After all, you are paying Congress and the President and Vice-President to make and vote on the laws.  Maybe you should be informed as to whether you are getting your money's worth.
   It has recently come to my attention that Americans should be the most informed people in the world.  We can connect to our politicians and/or those running for office with just a few clicks of the mouse.  I have my elected officials connected to my facebook.  I listen to talk radio.  I have found a few online news blogs that I trust to keep me informed.  I am still searching for a Constitutional blog.
   We are also taught to "test the spirits" in the Bible.  We know that some of the issues we face as a nation are contrary to our "religion".  Those issues should be brought to the attention of our elected officials.  Big  business and special interest groups spend a lot of money to push their agenda.  We, the citizens who actually vote, should be spending a little time to communicate with the officials we send to Washington and push them to act on our behalf.  If they don't, we can fire them and hire someone who will work for us.  We have that power.
   I believe Sarah Palin said it right when she said, "The permanent political class cannot control the political process, thanks in large part to the rise of technology and new media..."  She also said something to the effect of  the paradigm has shifted for the financial elite and the political establishment.  The grassroots movement communicate with each other, sharing information on social media.  NOBODY believes anything the main stream media reports any more.  They have been caught in too many lies to further their own political causes.  They don't report the facts, but slant the truth to promote their agenda.
   We have all got to invest our time and get involved.  It is working.

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