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   It hurts to be the smartest man in the room.  We have the established politicians in Washington, George Soros, and Mark Zuckerberg telling us how foreign criminals need to be given forgiven for breaking our laws so our economy will improve.  How stupid they all think you are!  I give you John Kerry who even said that Americans "have the right to be stupid".  Well, there you are.
   How will it benefit America to give foreign invaders our jobs, when we have an epidemic of people on welfare?  Why not put our legal citizens to work and kick the foreigners off welfare?  That makes more sense to me.  How many stories have you heard or read where a company has two openings and hundreds of applicants?  And big business wants to give those jobs to foreign criminals to depress wages.
   Established Republicans are obviously taking a lot of bribes from big business to push this law on us.  Have you read EXTORTION by Peter Schweizer?  How much time do you invest in keeping up with what is going on in Washington?  Have you even "liked" your Congressman's facebook page to see what he is up to and to give you a way to communicate with him?
   It doesn't matter how many tours of military duty you have served.  Every American has got to arm themselves with knowledge and then use wisdom to discern truth.  What are you doing to preserve this country for your children and grandchildren?  It is time to get in the fight to preserve our freedoms.
   Case in point is John Kerry giving the U.N. the power to disarm you.  He signed away our right to be a sovereign nation.  I can't wait until the socialists in Washington ratify it.
   Our elected officials are in Washington trying to eliminate our immigration system.  They want to give our country to foreigners and are being paid handsomely by big business and big money.  Are you going to allow them to ram more laws down our throats like they did Obamacare?
   Speaking of Obamacare, you would think that since it is such a great thing, that our President would be the first to sign up.  WRONG!  He just wants to force this monster on you and your elected officials are more than willing to accommodate him.
   Let me tell you about a state insurance for homeowners along the coast of Texas.  When Hurricane Ike hit, our poor homeowners were denied claims to restore their homes.  I know for a fact that there was one homeowner who had 180 photos of damage to his roof, even with glass embedded in the shingles from where the strong winds had carried broken glass.  His house was wrecked.  He and his wife were living in a travel trailer next to the house.  Texas Windstorm Insurance denied his claim.  The insurance company ran out of money and could not cover all the damaged homes.
   Fast forward to our federal government.  Your mind cannot even imagine the woes that people who are in need of medical attention will face.  Look at how Harry Reid and President Obama denied medical attention through the V.A. during this latest partial shutdown of the government that they staged.  Then, since the I.R.S. is in charge of the healthcare, and they targeted a certain segment of Americans for tax exempt status, imagine what will happen if the government doesn't like you.  You will be targeted and denied health care. 
   So, today, share this post with your friends.  "Search" your Congressman on facebook and "like" their pages.  Read true news reports at and  Ask for help if you are unsure who is telling the truth.  Time is running out.    What are you willing to do for your children and grandchildren?

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