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Lexington: Minuteman Statue
Lexington: Minuteman Statue
A statue in Lexington, Mass., honouring the minutemen who fought against the British in 1775.
(photo from the Encyclopedia Britannica)

   I would like to congratulate American Patriots for getting involved in taking our country back.  It is working.  The House Republicans passed a test vote on Thursday to defund the monstrosity of Obamacare.  Thanks to all of you who signed the petition at , by Senator Ted Cruz.  We have sent more than 1.3 million signatures to our Congressmen in Washington.  They are listening.  That is why the House has taken the first step.
   The House took the first step Thursday, voting 230-192 to bring a bill to the floor Friday that would fund most of the government but would withhold funding for the health care law.  If the House passes its bill Friday, it  shifts the debate to the Senate, where House Speaker Boehner says it will be up to a vocal group of Republican senators to rally the votes.   That won't be easy with such out-of-touch Senators as John McCain and Lindsey Graham.
   So, we are asking you to continue the good fight.  Please encourage three of your closest friends or relatives to sign the petition, then to pick up the phone and contact their Senators.  You remember the Supreme Court ruled Obamacare is only constitutional because it is a tax.  Tell Washington we don't need more taxes, we need jobs.  This is not only a tax, it is a job killer.
   Whether you served in the armed forces or not, it is your turn to fight for our freedom.  We may not get another chance.  ARE YOU WITH US?

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