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   We have been following this story for a while and decided it is time to share it with our viewers:  On August 25, 2013, reported that  Senior Master Sergeant Phillip Monk with a clean record for 19 years while serving in the United States Air Force, was relieved of duty for not promoting the homosexual lifestyle.  Apparently, according to his new commander, Major Elisa Valenzuela, "supporting gay marriage was now military policy".  It is no longer a matter of "don't ask, don't tell", it is now a push for homosexuals to marry AND for every member of the military to agree with that agenda.
   According to the United States Constitution, Americans have the "right to freedom of religion" and the "right to free speech".  If you volunteer to serve this nation in the military, you give up ALL of your constitutional freedoms that you are allegedly fighting to protect.
   Is it just me, or is there something severely wrong with this picture?
   Then, there was a bakery in Gresham, Oregon, yes, I said "was", that refused to make a wedding cake for homosexuals.  Laurel Bowman filed a complaint with Oregon Department of Justice but was told to take it up with BOLI because it was more of a civil rights issue than a consumer protection case.  The bakery refused to make a "wedding cake" for Ms./Mr./?  Bowman and Rachel Cryer

'It's discrimination': Newlyweds Laurel and Rachel Bowman-Cryer, left to right, complained to the state when Sweet Cakes by Melissa refused to serve them based on their sexual orientation

 and that is allegedly a civil rights violation?  Well, that is a high crime if ever I heard of one!  See, they did not just want a "wedding cake", they wanted everyone in America to validate their sexual perversion.
   It was not so long ago that homosexuality was classified as a mental illness.  In 1952, the original Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) listed homosexuality among the sociopathic personality disturbances.  In 1968, DSM II removed homosexuality from the sociopathic list, categorizing it with OTHER SEXUAL DEVIATIONS.  In 1973, the DSM III changed it's position on homosexuality.  The president-elect of the American Psychiatric Association that year, was Dr. John P. Spiegel, homosexual.
   The removal of the diagnosis of homosexuality from the DSM is comparable to obesity added to the American Medical Association's diagnoses.  These decisions are purely political. 
   So, Aaron and Melissa Klein, owner of the bakery, closed their business in response to an investigation reported on August 14th by BOLI claiming that the bakery may have violated the "Oregon Equality Act of 2007", which states that sexual orientation may not be used to deny services to customers.  That law is to be applied to employment, housing, and public accommodations.  I saw nothing stating it is to be used to force a private company to promote agendas that go against their religious beliefs. 
   What a sad day for America that our own government and our military are targeting and persecuting Christians.  Remember the famous words of  Martin Niemöller: "First they came for the communist......."

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