Wednesday, June 20, 2012


      America has funded the "Arab Spring" all across the Middle East and now we are seeing the results.  Not only has President Obama illegally run guns across the American-Mexican border, he has also armed the militants in the Middle East and has given away the Gaza Strip to terrorists.
   Now, Israel is being attacked by Egypt and the terrorists in Gaza.  On Monday, June 18, 2012, a newly formed Al Quaeda group, known as the Mujahideen Shura Council of Jerusalem, attacked Israel on the Egyptian-Israel border on the Sinai Peninsula and has promised more attacks in the near future.  Concurrently, Hamas attacked Israel with 46 combined rockets and mortars from the Gaza Strip, which President Obama gave to Hamas since taking residence in the White House.
   Hamas normally only attacks Israel, but Al Quaeda attacks all of the West with goals more in line with the Muslim Brotherhood.  This is the same Muslim Brotherhood that our President armed during the recent Arab Spring, which ousted President Hasni Mubarak.  Israel is calling on Egypt to take responsibility for all of their international commitments, including it's peace treaty with Israel.
   Breitbart reports "The increase in hostilities on the southern border comes at a bad time for Israel which is dealing with a regional sectarian conflict on its northern borders with Syria and Lebanon and a showdown with Iran over their nuclear ambitions. The Obama administration which has recently given significant funding to both the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and Hamas in Gaza, has been noticeably silent regarding these most recent attacks."
   President Obama has played 100 rounds of golf since entering the White House, more than any previous President.  He really can't be bothered with such things as foreign policy, or the Constitution.

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