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   So, a criminal, a communist, and a sociopath were in a bar....

   Any political conversation on facebook or comments on online political stories related to the Republican Presidential primary has people allegedly supporting Donald Trump verbally beating down people who state they are #nevertrump.   Those supporting Mr. Trump are violently trying to deny Americans of their First Amendment right of free speech.  They love to say, "Just get over yourself!", as though if you are #nevertrump,  you are giving the Presidency to Secretary Clinton.  Many people have been "blocked" on my facebook due to their desire to control me in that manner.

   I am one of many Americans who are #nevertrump,  and I don't worry about the Democrats winning the White House.  There are a number of reasons for my lack of concern.  One is that many Democrats are voting in the Republican primaries.  Many are voting early and often.  Many dead people and illegals are voting.  They are trying to wreck the Republican party, which I really don't care if they do.  The Republicans have been in control of the House and Senate for how long? and they have done nothing rational.  Oh, a few use their brains, but the majority vote Democrat.

   Another reason is that I am a real Christian.  I know that 2 Corinthians is said, Second Corinthians.  I am aware that the generation born in 1948 will not pass away before Christ comes back for His Bride, the Church.  So, as for me and my family, I have no concerns about the death and destruction that will be forthcoming when either Clinton or Trump wins the White House.

   When Ted Cruz announced his bid for the Presidency, I was so excited to have someone who not only talked the talk, but also walked the walk.  He is the whole package.  Anyone who believed anything that came out of Donald Trump's mouth about Senator Cruz, is so very obviously too lazy to invest their time in researching whether statements made are true or false.  These are the type of people who are driving this election cycle:  lazy and stupid.

   So I am contacting the Republican National Committee and verbalizing my displeasure with their presumptive nominee.  I will also be writing in Senator Cruz's name for President in November if he is not on the ballot.

   Americans should unite behind Senator Cruz and have our own "American Spring", even though it would be the fall.  I urge you to contact the RNC and denounce Trump for the Republican nominee.  There is no good reason to have to choose between a criminal, a communist, and a sociopath.  After all, haven't we had eight years of unbelievable evil coming from our government already?

   As far as giving the Presidency to Clinton, don't blame me!  You had the opportunity this year to actually vote for a Conservative, not just a Republican.  You are the one to blame if Clinton is elected, you and others like you.  I am #nevertrump, #neverclinton!

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