Tuesday, June 16, 2015



   Today I was invited to listen in on Congressman Babin's tele-town hall meeting.  Those on the call were invited to ask questions during the meeting.  

   The Congressman's message was that he supports the Trade Promotion Authority (TPA).  He said that he represents this business and that business and the other business and all the businesses agree that they want him to support the TPA.  None of the constituents on the call was for it.  However, Congressman Babin repeatedly schooled us on how great it is and why he supports it.

   Going back to the beginning, let me explain that Obama wants the TPA, commonly referred to as "fast track" so he can negotiate deals with eleven other countries.  Those talks, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) are currently ongoing.  Congressman Babin explained that Australia has made a deal with Japan to sell beef to them and if we don't allow Obama to fast track any deal agreements, the businesses in Babin's district will lose that trade.  Let me add, that the Republican leadership (Speaker Boehner) also wants the TPA to pass.

   The constituents on the call tonight voiced our concern about our trust issues with the Obama administration.  We told him that we voted for him to go to Washington and oppose Obama.  Passing the TPA is not opposing him.  While TPA does not prevent our representatives from voting on a final deal that Obama wants, it does prevent amendments.  So what ever he presents to Congress will get an up or down vote and passes with a simple majority.

   You remember Jonathan Gruber?  Congressman Babin was channeling Gruber tonight.  Those of us on the call were just too stupid to understand how great the TPA is.  He reminded me of Jeb Bush saying that he can convince Conservatives to accept amnesty.

What do you think about the TPP and TPA?  You are encouraged to leave a comment with your thoughts.

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