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   I have begun researching the sponsors and/or those who advertise on I-Dine Out Blog to discover if they are aware of how prejudiced Allen Youngblood is when it comes to our Sheriff's Department.  Reading his posts about anything related to the Sheriff's Department reveals his disdain for it.  I just don't get it.
   So, I have begun contacting First Liberty National Bank, who sponsors the blog.

Paul Henry is the contact person there.  His phone number is 936-334-3140.  He was out when I
phoned, so I left a message.  He also has an e-mail account and there is a link to it from First Liberty National Bank "contact us" page.
   Then, I contacted Willie T's Auto Repair and was told Willie Trousdale is the contact person there:  936-336-5346.  He advertises on the blog.  He was out but I will continue to contact him.
   My goal is to ask these businesses if they have read and endorse what Mr. Youngblood posts.  I will update you as they return my calls.

7/14/14  4:40 pm
   I spoke briefly with Mr. Trousdale on the phone.  He said he was extremely busy and asked that I call back in the morning.  I have not heard back from Mr. Henry.

7/15/14  10:30 am
   I spoke with Mr. Trousdale this morning on the phone related to him supporting I-Dine Out with advertising on the site.  Mr. Trousdale told me that he had a long history with Youngblood Wholesale, which was owned by Alan Youngblood's parents.  He said he was unaware of the posts by the younger Youngblood targeting the Sheriff's Department, and the employees personally.  He stays too busy with his business and doesn't spend time surfing the web, but said he will take the time to check it out.  He said that I could quote him saying that Mr. Youngblood's views are not necessarily in line with his own, and went on to say that he has repaired the vehicles of the Sheriff's Department for years.
   I would like to thank Mr. Trousdale for his time in responding to my questions.

7/17/14   6:51 pm
   I just have to say that it is just plain rude not to return a phone call.  The reason anyone leaves a message is because they would like to talk to you.  That is why they spent the time and effort to phone you in the first place.  Please see the post, "Phone Protocol for Contacting Baby Boomers" at
   As of today, I am still awaiting a return phone call from Mr. Henry at First Liberty National Bank related to supporting I-Dine Out's smear campaign against the Liberty County Sheriff's Department.

7/18/14   3:41 pm
   I have finally received a call-back from Mr. Henry with First Liberty National Bank.  He said he had returned my call but was unable to leave a message.
  We discussed the issues with the posts on I-Dine Out, which Mr. Henry stated he was unaware of.  He did say that he would look into it and pay closer attention to what he was associating First Liberty National Bank with.

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