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   I joined a lively conversation tonight on facebook.  The question was this:  "I do have a question for people who support using government coercion on gay marriage. If you're quick to ban gay marriage because it's not biblical, would you oppose banning divorce provided that marital unfaithfulness did not occur? I think people who say, "I'm willing to ban gay marriage because it's wrong but not divorce" simply hates homosexuals." 
   The conversation ensued.  What are your thoughts?  Please feel free to leave your comments on this site.
   Here are my thoughts:   I am against the government trying to change the definition of words.  The history of this country is such that we would not condone polygamy or bigamy, so why in the world would we condone marriage to same gender or animals or babies or whatever?  There is a way for homosexuals to legitimize their relations; it is called "civil union".  Period.  I should not be forced to validate you or your actions. 
   Actions.  Homosexual acts are actions.  Smoking cigarettes is an action.  Smokers are discriminated against and it is sanctioned by local governments.  Why should I recognize homosexuals as someone who should have a higher status than a smoker?  It is hogwash, I tell you!
   I am against our government trying to force their own personal religious beliefs on everybody.  My G-d gave everybody free will.  Why is our government trying to take that from us?  We have unalienable rights endowed to us by my G-d:  the RIGHT TO LIFE, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. 
   Let's see what Merriam Webster has to say about liberty:  
1.  the state or condition of people who are able to ACT AND SPEAK FREELY.  (Well, we don't 
     have that one anymore, do we Mr. Sterling?)
2.  the power to do or choose what you want to (We can't open a bakery in America without being 
     forced to agree with homosexuals.)
3.  the power of choice
   Wikipedia makes the statement that the protection of these rights is the reason governments are created.  Well, ours is not doing such a good job of that.  Our government is forcing taxpayers to support government sanctioned murder,  forcing us to pay to deny almost 56,000,000 people their right to life.  We have the "speech police" everywhere, even in our private homes, listening to private conversations.  We cannot pursue happiness if we are forced to go against our religious beliefs, such as condoning acts that make my G-d vomit.
   At the same time, do not accuse me of hating you if you murdered your baby before he was born, or if you make my G-d vomit.  I want the government to protect my rights.  I just want everyone else out of my life so I can pursue the happiness I was born to enjoy.
   What I would really like is for the Republican Party to direct the conversation, not follow the lead of the Liberals.  I don't want militant homosexuals to direct our government.  I don't want Sharia Law to be the law of the land.  I want my government to protect my rights, secure our country, and leave me out of everybody's bedroom.  I want less government regulation so American companies can put Americans back to work.  Is that too much to ask?

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