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Donald Sterling 4/28/2014


   If you are reading this post, you probably have heard about the remarks Donald Sterling, NBA

 owner, said recently in a private conversation.  You have probably gotten caught up in the "controversy" that the media has created to take focus away from what Democrats are doing to you.  You may not even care about "politics".

   Here is my take on the so called "controversy":  There is no controversy except how the media is trying to force people into their way of seeing the world.  Donald Sterling has an inalienable right to the First Amendment of our Constitution, ESPECIALLY in a private conversation.  If he wants to "own" negroes, and they choose to stay on his "plantation", what business is it of yours?
   The media covered the Los Angeles Clippers taking their jerseys off in protest of Mr. Sterling's comment, but no one left the team.  How much is your soul worth?  The players obviously don't want to give up their money to stand up for a "cause".  The media seems to think Mr. Sterling should give up his team, though, because he has a thought of his own.   If they don't want to stand up for their "cause", why would the media whip everyone else into a frenzy?  
   I just don't understand why real, thinking Americans keep falling for the crap the media puts out these days.   Doesn't anyone think for themselves? I guess I am the only one.

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  1. this is from Brietbart news:

    Turtle Rock Studios, a California video game company that has produced such titles as Evolve and Left 4 Dead, has fired one of its employees for tweeting that Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling possesses privacy and free speech rights.

    Josh Olin, the community manager at Turtle Rock, tweeted from his private account: "Here's an unpopular opinion: Donald Sterling has the right as an American to be an old bigot in the security of his own home. He's a victim." The NBA banned Sterling for life after the media broadcast recordings of private phone conversations containing racist remarks by the billionaire.

    Management quickly fired Olin without discussing the matter with him. "The comments made by our former community manager stand in stark contrast to our values as a game development studio," the company's official account tweeted. "We sincerely apologize for his remarks and in no way endorse or support those views."

    "Anyone who follows me knows my tweets were not in support of Sterling's actions," Olin told the gaming site Kotaku. "Rather, they were promoting three core tenets I believe in: 1) The harm sensational media presents to society. 2) The importance and sanctity of your privacy within your own home. And 3) The right to be whatever you want to be as an American, as long as it isn't hurting anyone else. That last point not to be confused with condoning Sterling's actions, which I don't."

    Turtle Rock lists as a core value "respect," for "everyone in and out of our community for one reason: because we treat you the way we want to be treated." Who wants to be treated like this?