Wednesday, June 19, 2013



   In recognition of Juneteenth,  please allow me to post Louisiana State Senator's speech related to the reason he chose to leave the Democrat Party and join the GOP:

   I search my Bible looking for the place where God said we must be dependent upon the government for our existence, where we are not expected to be personally responsible for taking care of our own children and families.  I am unable to locate it.  If you are reading this blog, please leave me a comment pointing me in the right direction.  
   If you believe that the government is squandering away your social security and that you will have no financial safety net when you retire, please consider diversifying your income NOW.  I have chosen to take care of myself so that my children won't have to.  You can, too.  Contact and click on the income opportunity button.  
   There is talk from Washington of taking over your 401K.  This Administration is more greedy than any we have seen before.  Why would you wait another minute to protect yourself and your children?  

What do you think?  Leave me a comment or contact TODAY. 

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